St. Jude and GCX Charity Stream Donation Goals

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Sat Jun 13, 2020 3:55 pm

At 8am EST on June 15th Cohh will be working with St. Jude and GCX to help the fight against childhood cancer! Join us as we help the charity's creators support thousands of families around the world with real, tangible ways to change their lives forever.

With help from the community we have compiled the following list of donation reward goals:

$20k: Corsair Big-Box Giveaway (3 sets of K95 Platinum Keyboard, Nightsword Mouse, MM350 Champion Series Mousemat, Void Elite - USB Headset)
$40k: Cohh will play EVIL during his next Pathfinder run before WOTR
$60k: Cyberpunk Cosplay during Cyberpunk 2077
$80k: Cohh matches all donations to 90k (bringing to 100k)
$100k: Cohh tries Pineapple on Pizza for first time ever
$1??k (Secret goal): ???????????
12:50 PM
$1??k (Secret goal 2): ???????????

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