Games Cohh's Playing August 24 - 30

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:52 am

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (August 24 - 30) the games are:

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
Wasteland 3

Cozy streams:
Fall Guys

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.

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Tue Aug 25, 2020 7:09 pm

The hype was slowly building. Chat maybe have been ready, but no one was more excited that CohhCarnage. For what, you ask? To simply dive into the world of Wasteland 3 and experience it for all it has to offer.

We just had four days to navigate through first.

This isn’t rare for Cohh as he makes his way to a new release, he’s hyped to get his hands on. It was a rare treat, however, for Cohh to play a different game on each day.

We spent time learning about the rogue’s legacy, hung out on the links, and even returned to being a space ninja. Really though we got to experience that in all there is no game.

Confused? Intrigued? Wanting to remember the week that was? Look no further, it’s time to review!

Wasteland 3

We knew this game was coming, and that Cohh wanted to 100% it. Earlier this year the community watched as he marched through the wasteland that was “Wasteland 2” and he loved it.

When the third installment made was released, it was easy to expect him to like it. It’s safe to say, he’s loving it. Starting on Thursday, Cohh has played the game every day. This included cozy streams.

Due to the community having people who watch internationally during his regular streaming hours, it’s rare for Cohh to bring his primary game into the cozy streams. When it mixes all the right formulas that make a great enjoyable to him, anything is possible.

Even before completing the game, Cohh has talked about doing an evil playthrough. He’s even suggested replacing his charity reward of an evil “Pathfinder: Kingmaker” run with a replay of this one. No Cohh. Do both.

To catch up on what you may have missed, or to pick up where you left off, head over to YouTube.


Ninja pirates in space, what more do you need as a selling point?

How about an expansion? Wednesday brought the release of Heart of Deimos, the latest addition to the story created by Digital Extremes.

In a few short hours, Cohh began exploring what the content had to offer. Warframe is a game that he enjoys, and can always come back to at a later point.

After a brief return to the universe, he noted the amount of content there was to do. The plan seems to be returning to check out everything Deimos has to offer returning from the Wasteland.

Be sure you’re up to date with what you miss, as Cohh takes on new challenges with Gauss.

Rogue Legacy 2

Sunday saw Cohh check out a sequel to a game he fondly remembered.

RL2, a roguelike adventure gives off a familial vibe. As your character eventually dies moving through the caverns, one of their children will take up the mantle and challenge. There is an interesting twist though.

In the game’s description: “Your daughter might be a Colourblind Archer, and your son could be a Pacifistic Chef. Either way, one of them is getting conscripted.” This adds a very refreshing and entertaining mechanic to keep the experience fresh.

While releasing in Early Access, Cohh found it very enjoyable. He stated after his one-day trip into the universe that he will return to it eventually. That can easily be stated as soon™.

To check out his experience, and see if you want to play it yourself, check Cohh’s playthrough on YouTube.

PGA 2k21 & Dropped Frames

Cohh and sports games: What is this madness? Of all the sports games to play, Cohh dove into the world of golf. Rarity is sure a theme for this week.

For the unaware, every once in awhile the crew of Dropped Frames will play games together during their show. This deviation offers a nice break from the standard show format.

It’s highly suggested to watch the match in its entirety. But, if you can’t stand to watch golf and just want to know who won, it was Cohh.

Surprised? We were. Jokes about his aim are a thing.

To watch the match from the winning perspective, check here.

Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys

Everyone knows Cohh’s enjoyment of Fall Guys. It has been a mainstay of the cozy streams for weeks. It even fell into regular streams on occasion.

It would come as no surprise when Cohh joined up to take part in the Twitch Rivals event, where many streamers would team up to compete against each other to see who had the best luck in Fall Guys.

Ezekiel_III, itmeJP and Ellohime teamed up with Cohh to make “Team Fail Guys”. There were other options suggested but they chose this name unofficially. That’s because officially the team was dubbed “Team CohhCarnage”.

Jumping into the event, the team had a couple of bad breaks. Ultimately the team finished in sixth place, which everyone was pleased about.

If you missed the event, be sure to check out the replay here.

Spiritfarer/New World

It’s not often that two games get combined. If they are, exceptions have been made. For these two, it’s because they were both seen as disappointments to both Cohh and the stream.

Spiritfarer, a management game, seemed to be right up Cohh’s alley before he launched the game on Tuesday. However, the hook just never came and after a brief stay in the game he moved on. People in chat even commented the game’s pacing was just too slow for their liking.

New World, an MMO from Amazon, was a game that intrigued Cohh from the first announcement. However, red flags started to arise after the game was delayed six months just months from it’s expected launch.

After a brief look during the early preview period, he found content lacking in depth and overall progression. It doesn’t rule out a return in the future.

The MMO itch is a strong one that Cohh is desperately wanting to scratch.

Head over to YouTube for Cohh’s first impressions on both Spiritfarer and New World.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

Yes, that it the name and it was a magnificent game altogether.

While he had been asked to play before, Cohh’s interest was piqued after Zeke mentioned played it on Dropped Frames.

Over four hours on Monday, the community fell in love with this game that kept people laughing, crying and cheering as the story reached its conclusion.

A point & click game, this offered numerous silly puzzles as you navigate various programs to literally save the universe. The challenges, while sometimes difficult, offer a wide variety to keep the game fresh and laughter constant.

To watch all of Cohh’s enjoyment, check the playlist on YouTube.
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