Games Cohh's Playing November 9 - 15

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Mon Nov 09, 2020 10:08 am

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (November 9 - 15) the games are:

Yakuza: Like a Dragon
13 Sentinels

Cozy streams:

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.

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Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:55 pm

It was an exciting week for gamers as the next generation of consoles released to the public. With the XBOX Series X and Playstation 5 launching, fans of the consoles scrambled to get their hands on the newest product and games coming out.

For Cohh it was back to the routine of entertaining the many members of the Cohhilition with a plethora of games. We saw the much-anticipated dive back into the world of Yakuza, while one game’s long run on the cozy streams came to an end. Cohh also took first looks at two launch titles for the PS5, one via a sponsor and the other a remake of a game he never played. :cohhNani:

There was some unknown as to when Cohh would dive into “Demon’s Souls” as there was no set delivery for the Playstation that he ordered. Thankfully, a friend reached out and helped alleviate the concerns. We’ll be sure to get into that.

From launches to endings and new to new (but old) games, it was business as usual on the stream this week. Without further ado, it’s time for your review.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon
A New Chapter

Thanks to SEGA, Cohh was able to jump back into the franchise with its latest iteration on Monday.

With the story of Kiryu ending in “Yakuza 6” people had mixed emotions as a new character, Ichiban Kasuga, became the primary protagonist. There is also a dramatic shift in combat as the game features a turn-based RPG style combat system.

It’s easy to see of some concerns people could have. Those were quickly washed away as the same storytelling and goofiness of previous games returned in full force.

Cohh was often laughing hysterically at lines from various characters or their various abilities. Jobs provide a different take on combat as, for example, Ichiban can one minute be using a baseball bat only to be combat dancing later after changing to a job as a breaker. :cohhWow:

It’s worth noting that Cohh is also playing the game with the English dub. With it being a fresh start in the franchise it allowed him to go this path. Many people listen to the stream at work and it allows them to listen while working a lot easier.

The English dub is done exceptionally well as many in chat and Cohh have commented on it, though it is still weird to hear franchise favorites speak differently.

To watch all of Cohh’s playthrough head over to YouTube.

Demon's Souls
Remaking A Classic

Saturday was Cohh’s first time being hands-on with the remake of an iconic game. It just so happens to be the first time he’s ever played it.

Diving into the game that kickstarted the Souls genre, Cohh let it be known that for every one death he would give 10 subs. The deaths slowly trickled in as he was taking it slow and enjoying the scenery of the game.

That was until he stumbled onto the Dragon God, where he tallied seven deaths quickly. Being a gimmick fight, it took him a bit to figure out the pattern to defeat it. Outside of that stretch of deaths, it’s been a slow but steady climb. As of this writing, he’s sitting at 27. Yes, at least one of those were to gravity. :cohhLUL:

To see the iconic remake as Cohh battles his way through it, YouTube has you covered.

Falling Angels

Releasing on both on the PC and PS5, Cohh took an early look at the new IP thanks to Gearbox Publishing. As an open world, melee focused, looting based, RPG the game received mixed reactions as Cohh showed it off Wednesday.

Without diving into specific detail, chat showed standard negativity for a launch title of a new console. While the art style is amazing, the world at times felt empty as you run around breaking items for loot. With a $70 price tag for the PS5 alone, there were plenty of concerns to be had.

Cohh did have a fun time with the game, however stating he still hadn’t found the voice, or hook, of the game. He did state he wanted to return to it again sometime. With a three-person multiplayer system, it’s possible the game may be played for Dropped Frames.

Make your way to YouTube to see Cohh’s first looks at this new IP.

Journey's End

This game has finally been beaten. What started with normal mode in September ended in Hell Mode Thursday.

After completing the epilogue for a second time, Cohh continued to march through higher difficulties as he increased the heat. Cohh decided he had completed the game as he escaped on Heat 32.

Many have asked Cohh if this is his game of the year, to which he has kept the same stance of waiting until the year ends. It should easily be in his top five.

To see the long-awaited conclusion to Cohh’s adventures in “Hades”, check out YouTube.

Cyberpunk RED
Tabletop Adventures

Cohh finally got his hands on Cyberpunk. However, it was not the game set to come out in December.

As part of GlitchCon, Cohh joined three other streamers – erikaishii, AmeliaRBlaire and BryanDechart of =]DechartGames – in the pen & paper campaign “Black Dog” hosted by Mike Pondsmith. :cohhH:

There was also a fifth member of the party, Torch, which viewers controlled through voting in polls at points in the story for the character. Many times, the choices were obvious before results were shown, but there were instances of hilarity that kept everyone engaged.

Cohh played the role of, Mover, a loner with “his own standards and own honor code.” Pondsmith detailed his profession as a gun for hire relating it to the Old West. Before the campaign kicked off, it was revealed that Cohh’s character was following a lead to a legendary weapon.

A lot happened over the four-hour campaign, and you can watch it on Twitch Gaming. Part 1 Part 2

Special Shoutout
Techniq Comes Through

Techniq is the freaking man! :cohhL:

Early in the week there was uncertainty as to when Cohh would get his PS5 as the console he ordered was in limbo. “When would he get it?” or Would he even get it?” were questions that were floated around from both Cohh and chat.

At zero-hour Techniq overnighted a console so Cohh could check out “Demon’s Souls” for the first time over the weekend.

As fate would have it, Sam’s Club contacted Cohh telling him his console would be shipping the following week after telling him it would not arrive until the end of the month. Cohh informed chat there would be a mod giveaway for the second console. So, a battle royale?!? :cohhEvil:

Huge shoutouts once again for Techniq. Be sure to check him out on Twitch!
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