Games Cohh's Playing November 23 - 29

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Mon Nov 23, 2020 1:51 pm

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (November 23 - 29) the games are:

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Cozy streams:

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.

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Wed Nov 25, 2020 12:57 pm

All good things come to an end. For the second consecutive week, Cohh saw a game he enjoyed come to an end.

Ichiban’s story in “Yakuza: Like A Dragon” came to an end as the game moved from the regular to cozy streams. As the story wrapped up discussion immediately dove into where the story could go next. Only time will tell if or when that happens.

It was not only the “Yakuza” franchise that showed up on the stream. Cohh took another look at the latest iteration of “Assassin’s Creed” saga in search of the hook to keep him invested.

Returning to previously played games became a theme on the channel as Cohh returned to the newest update in “Fallout 76.” He finally found time to return to a game many in chat had asked when he’d play it again, “13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.”

It another entertaining for the Cohhiltion and it’s no better time for your review!

Yakuza: Like A Dragon
End of the Road…?

It has been a long and entertaining ride. As Cohh played the latest game of the series, many in chat would comment on finally taking the plunge into the series with the Ichiban saga.

While this normally is a theme when there is a new protagonist, it is not the best option for this series. Cohh initially believed this was the case, but changed his tune near the game’s completion.

To put it simply: If you have never played this franchise, you will not have the attachment needed when certain characters appear. You will not know Kiryu or his importance. You will simply just see him as a random character.

Ichiban wasn’t done on the channel. Cohh continued to explore all the side stories and content the game had to offer. This included reaching legendary heights in can collecting.

To see everything the game has to offer, head over to YouTube.

Assasssin’s Creed Valhalla
In Search of Hook

As the new consoles launched earlier this month, many people were curious and hoping Cohh would check out this game. Through a few sponsored segments he dove in and found some enjoyment.

As the week trudged along, he still in search of the hook, the reason to keep playing longer.
Last week he dove back in trying to find a reason to keep playing the game.

Over the week he tried to push the story more in search of the ever-elusive hook and as time pushed on it seems to have fallen short.

That’s not to say Cohh didn’t like the game. He would frequently would comment on the art and look of the game or the combat that could keep you engaged. However, upgrading your abilities and unlocking areas became a repetitive grind that slowly took its toll. It left a few things to be desired though.


With less than a week away from the highly anticipated “Cyberpunk 2077” it is unlikely that we will see Cohh return in search of Valhalla.

To watch Cohh explore the world through the eyes of Eivor, check out his YouTube.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
A Convoluted Story

Talk about a game that took Cohh by surprise. For those that do not remember this game was picked up after a suggestion by a member of the Cohhiltion. These can be hit and miss.

After shelving it due to games he wanted to play, Cohh returned to try to unravel the story that was convoluted and difficult to keep up if you missed just a few minutes of the stream.

This is due to being in control of numerous characters locked behind various plot points. Playing as one character eventually is halted and the only way to play that one again is adventuring as another. By the time you return, it’s possible to forget everything that happened.

Don’t forget it had been over a week since Cohh last played this game. So, it is easy to understand if people were lost.

People in chat would mention needing Cohh to retell the story or catch someone up. Honestly if he did that, we would be sitting there for hours trying to understand it at all.

It’s highly recommended to pick up where you left off if you were watching while he played. Good luck you do not do that. To see everything going on in this story, make your way to YouTube.

Fallout 76
Brotherhood of Steel Returns

If one thing is certain, “Fallout 76” redeemed itself in the eyes of Cohh this year. After spending time returning to see game improvements, Cohh stated he would keep up with updates and check them out as the released.

Friday saw him check out the newest update “Steel Dawn” bringing the Brotherhood of Steel to the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. In this latest venture into the wasteland you are tasked with teaming up with Paladin Leila Rahmani as the Brotherhood strives to gain a foothold in the area.

Over the seven hours of time with the game, Cohh clearly enjoyed the experience checking out both story and base building content. For those curious the radio remained silent for obvious reasons.

As he reached the conclusion of the stream, Cohh mentioned the possibility of checking out different builds during the cozy stream. It’s unclear if or when that will happen, but it looks like as the game updates we’ll see him back in Fallout universe.

YouTube is where you need to go to watch this latest update along with Cohh.
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