Games Cohh's Playing January 25 - 31

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Mon Jan 25, 2021 9:05 am

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (January 25 - 31) the games are:

Hitman 3
Path of Exile
Pillars of Eternity 2
Nioh 2

Cozy streams:
Path of Exile

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.

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Tue Feb 02, 2021 5:44 pm

Entering the final week of January, you could watch CohhCarnage to see the balancing act a variety streamer has to use. When playing games with a long story - some never ending - there comes a time to pause a title to bring new content to the stream.

Cohh seems to be one of the best at it. It might all come down to luck in how it pans out. It may be dumb luck if you consider the subject matter. :cohhLUL:

Most of the week centered around “Nioh 2” as Cohh got his hands on the PC port, which developers Team Ninja provided. With a majority of the week spent in Feudal Japan, "Path of Exile" continued to hold cozy streams down.

Nearing the weekend there were two new introductions to the channel. One a game Cohh backed on Kickstarter; the other being a title he has expressed interest in for a while.

Heading into February we’re heating up, but let’s take a moment to remember last week. It’s time for your weekly recap! :cohhH:

Nioh 2
Mastering the Spitstaff

Every so often the question would be asked in chat, “Does Cohh have any plans to play the Nioh 2 DLC?” The easy answer was “soon” as there are many games he wants to play. You just can never be sure if that day will come.

Team Ninja provided the day for us, giving Cohh an early look at the PC version. With a planned release of Feb 5th, the stream could see the enhancements almost two weeks early. :cohhNani:

In almost every PC port there are issues. “Nioh 2” had its own share with Cohh experiencing the game locking his computer if he alt-tabbed. Do not be afraid as Cohh has mentioned this is planned to be fixed.

While there were occasional issues, it didn’t affect his impression of the game, mentioning numerous times of his enjoyment in the game. The game is pretty challenging, leading to numerous deaths. We’ve seen deaths to bosses, gravity, and Cohh’s poor attempt at being Indiana Jones.

Choosing to fight with a splitstaff, the content is slowly being pushed through. With the three DLCs on the way, Cohh’s entering areas he never played before. It is sure to be enjoyed not only by him, but all members of the Cohhiltion.

If you have missed any part of this playthrough, make your way to YouTube.

The Medium
Exploring Both Sides

If you’re familiar with the stream, you know a certain penguin gets excited horror games are played. Let’s face it. Many people enjoy these games, likely for the times Cohh gets scared. :cohhEvil:

The weekend kicked off with Cohh checking this psychological horror. It did offer interesting puzzles at times, but often felt more like a walking simulator. That is not always a bad thing as numerous times he traversed areas in search of a final clue to proceed.

In “The Medium” you play as Marianne who Is set to on a path to uncover the mysteries of her childhood from a man named Thomas. Through uncovering the past, she solves various obstacles as she can traverse both the living and spirit realm.

Chat had its own fun during gameplay, triggering a command that would yell at Cohh to simply, “Get the damn fish.” :cohhLUL:

Completing it during two streams, Cohh spoke about his mixed feelings on the game. While the story was enjoyable and engaging, there was a lot to be desired by the end. There wasn’t a full thoughts video as he often does. You can hear his thoughts in the last video of the playlist.

You can find that video on YouTube, as well as the full playthrough.

King Arthur: Knights Tale
Dark Tale on of a Classic

Friday, Cohh took a brief look he backed on Kickstarter in a sponsored segment from NeoCoreGames.

Falling just under two hours, Cohh explored an alternative take on the Arthurian legend. This time you start as Mordred aiming to uncover answers as to what is happening in the realm of the dead. :cohhM:

Many in chat were excited to check this game out, and making sure to have their usual fun in doing so.

As this game is in Early Access on Steam there looks to be more content added in the future. Early reviews call it more of a demo than actual game, adding the high price tag is only worth it if you desire to support the developer.

Cohh stated he plans to keep track and revisit it closer to the full release which the developers stated would be later this year. :cohhWow:

To see this brief look at a different take on King Arthur, make your way to YouTube.

Path of Exile
A Cozy Exile

Still locking down cozy streams, Cohh has repeatedly stated he’s having the most fun he’s ever had in “Path of Exile.”

Continuing his focus on the Blade Blast Chieftain build he is pushing closer and closer to endgame. Even with the hours spent in the game Cohh finds little things that humor him. Sometimes simply showing a NPC comment to his wife, Laina. :cohhWaii:

Just like “Rimworld,” “Hades,” and “EverQuest” there’s no telling when this game will not be the cozy stream staple. It will feel weird when that day comes. :cohhHmm:

It’ll not be anytime soon. To get caught up, make your way to YouTube.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire
Coming to an End

Rarely does a game see playtime for an entire month. Most people know PoE is an extremely long game, and Cohh took it to another level.

With many breaks and pauses in between.

Before the latest pause Cohh had entered the final of three DLCs. And worked towards completion in any lulls in gameplay he found. This past week saw a return to the game in planned areas, switching once after multiple crashes in “Nioh 2.”

There was even a moment of rare offline play to which Cohh replayed the events to catch viewers up. This isn’t the first time he’s done a moment of Cohh-ception. :cohhLUL:

We’re nearing the completion of the game, but still have a bit to go. It’s certain this game will be completed before February ends, right?

To catch up on all things Pillars of Eternity, check out YouTube.
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