Monthly Review: January

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First impressions are everything. If you don’t start off right, it ends up setting you back.

Let’s face it. Coming out of 2020, it’d be hard do anything but starting off properly. Coincidence or not Cohh took the safe route, with revisiting favorites. Before you begin to question things, it was simply coincidence.

January tends to be slower in terms of video games, but for the Cohhiltion it’s business as usual. :cohhPts:

Throughout the month there were revisits to games like “Stardew Valley,” while new ones as “Hitman 3” saw screen time. Cohh played a variety of titles from ARPGs, RPGs, and strategy games. He also spent some of the final days with the horror title “The Medium.”

There was a total of 11 games that Cohh played for January. It’s time for a brief look back at all the games that graced the stream. It’s time for your monthly review.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
Dec 27 – Jan 8; Jan 26 – Jan 31

Starting in December, PoE 2 made numerous appearances on the stream in January. Cohh returned to this CRPG to check out the three DLCs that were added since his first playthrough. It is safe to say he enjoyed this revisit and suggested both it and the first game to those who asked his recommendation. YouTube Playlist.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
Jan 1 – Jan 9

A return began simply to play with the community on New Year’s Eve. The fun continued over numerous cozy streams to check out updates to the game and check out predictions for the first time. An enjoyable game that likely will be seen again. YouTube Playlist

Monster Hunter Rise
Jan 6

In a sponsored segment from Capcom, Cohh checked out the latest entry into the Monster Hunter universe. Diving into content with a couple of mods, Cohh showed interest in continuing to play it at a later date. That would be if it were to come to PC and not only Switch. YouTube Playlist

Stardew Valley
Jan 9 – Jan 30

This highly-anticipated revisit to the farm near Pelican Town was mostly due to the 1.5 update that added more endgame and quality of life changes to make the game enjoyable. While many in chat were shocked to see Cohh’s farm do so well, he simply stated the ease due to it being his third time playing and having thousands of people to offer help when he asked. YouTube Playlist :cohhL:

Jan 10 – Jan 15

Being a game solely played during cozy streams was a new experience as this directed many people to YouTube due to the timeframe. Initially checking out the campaign, Cohh moved to the career mode to get to the DLC quicker. After a few streams this was shelved with the possibility to return later. YouTube Playlist]

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
Jan 10

The latest update from Visionary Realms gave Cohh a hands-on feel of the game. In the two-hour block, members of the team listened to suggestions and answered questions from both Cohh and chat. The excitement continues to build as the Cohhilition waits to learn more of the MMO. YouTube Playthrough

Path of Exile
Jan 15 – Ongoing

One had to wonder when, or if, Cohh would again return to this ARPG. After several leagues off he jumped into the Ritual league and hasn’t stopped yet. Played mostly in cozy streams, Cohh states often that it is the most fun he has had in any league. The irony is mentioned as he’s kept this mostly during the cozy streams, especially when Stardew was played during regular streams. YouTube :cohhH:

Hitman 3
Jan 24 – Jan 25

For over a week the daily question was to wonder when Cohh would play the third installment of the World of Assassination trilogy. Laughter made an appearance just as often as he tried a different challenge or different suit to accomplish a goal. Clocking in at eight hours, Cohh mentioned the numerous paths and options which could extend gameplay. YouTube Playlist

Nioh 2
Jan 26 – Ongoing

Team Ninja gave Cohh the chance to take an early look at the title making its move to PC on Feb 5. The splitstaff was his weapon of choice with the goal of playing all DLC that released since his first playthrough on the PS4. There were bugs that caused issues early on, but as the game neared release they were ironed out. YouTube Playlist

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale
Jan 29

Cohh spent the afternoon checking out a different take on the Arthurian Legend from NeoCoreGames. In this tale you take on the role of Mordred trying to uncover the mysteries of your and Arhtur’s deaths. Being early access on Steam, there is much to be desired as early reviews label this more as a demo. Even so, there is praise as many wait to see future updates as the game inches towards release. YouTube Playlist

The Medium
Jan 29 – Jan 30

Spending the final days of January, Cohh dove into this psychological horror. Coming off as more of a walking simulator there were interesting puzzles to offer various challenges. An interesting story as it unraveled, the latter part of the game left many unanswered questions. YouTube Playlist

Deeper Dives

This review gave glimpses of all the games that graced the stream for the month of January. For more in-depth looks at each game, and each week, check through the following for breakdowns of each week. :cohhWaii:

Week 1. Dec 28 – Jan 3

Week 2: Jan 4 – 10

Week 3: Jan 11 – 17

Week 4: Jan 18 – 24

Week 5: Jan 25 – 31
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