Monthly Review: February

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Wed Mar 17, 2021 8:05 am

If there was ever a “Game of the Month” category February would have an easy choice. The likely early favorite for “Game of the Year” for Cohh is “Valheim.”

If nothing else, this will very likely fall in his Top Ten. Go ahead and place your bets..

For a majority of the month, we saw Cohh explore everything and build a massive, and impressive, base. He didn’t play it alone as mods spent the same time on a different server. As you can see, Valheim was a popular for the month.

Of course, it wasn’t the only game we saw on the stream. On the bookends were early looks at two anticipated games for Cohh: Pathfinder and Outriders. There was a new ARPG that took over cozy streams reminiscent of a certain game that was Cohh’s favorite of 2020.

While February was a short month, nine games were showcased on the stream. Full of great moments and laughs throughout let’s take one look back. It’s time for your monthly recap!

Nioh 2
Feb 1-5, Feb 23
Cohh continued the journey through the DLC, stopping early as he moved into different games. The initial plan was to move to cozy streams that happened as the month wore on. However, bugs and mechanical issues caused the game to be put on hold for the timing being. Cohh does intend to return to finish in the future. :cohhFeels: Playlist.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Feb 2-Feb 5
Excitement poured throughout chat as Cohh checked out the beta of the newest game from OwlCat Games. Skipping most content that includes the lore, he wanted to keep all the fresh for when the game officially releases. After playing this for a few days Cohh’s excitement was overflowing as he wished for the game already be out. That’s standard procedure. :cohhLUL: Playlist

Feb 7 – Feb 24
If you caught any streams in February it’s likely you saw Cohh enamored by this instant hit. After spending one day with the mods, he spent the next two weeks doing everything possible. The biggest attraction was his base building, which he showed off after completing it. A YouTube video and save file were provided to the community. Solo Playlist Multiplayer Playlist

Little Nightmares II
Feb 19
Cohh spent the day wandering through the universe. The death counter crept up as Cohh stated he was going to science things early and often. What was already a good game was made better with these moments. While not doing all of the content, he recommended the game to everyone. Playlist ... 8LoJL9JvCe

Graveyard Keeper
Feb 20 – Feb 26
Cohh first played this in 2018 and wasn’t thrilled with how it played out. As DLC released to improve the game he planned to check it out and time came near the end of the month. Continuing to have fun with it hope sprang that first impressions could be changed. By the time you read this, Cohh will have already beaten this. But we’re talking about February not March! :cohhRude: Playlist

Curse of the Dead Gods
Feb 24 – Ongoing
You had to know Cohh was going to like this. A roguelike ARPG right in his wheelhouse. Remember “Hades”? Initially played as part of a sponsored stream, this has moved to occupy the cozy streams for the timing being. When will this end? Only time will tell. Playlist ... RtI1qFw4av

My Time at Portia
Feb 24 – Ongoing
Last time Cohh played this he said, “And we’ll return to this soon!” That became more of a soon™ as the years passed without a return to Portia. The wait ended as he made the return a part of the cozy streams. We’ve seen a split of the cozy streams, similar to regular streams, as Cohh works through two games he enjoys. Playlist

Feb 26 – March 1
With the 1.0 update to the game, Cohh wanted to see what was new to the game. The jokes made by the suit AI kept the channel in a lighthearted mood. What started as a base builder took on a completely different playstyle that threw him off as the game wore on. It didn’t affect his thoughts on the game giving it a strong recommendation while curious to see what’s next in store. :cohhWaii: Playlist ... _aNN2kaAwy

Feb 28 – March 1
Playing both solo and in a sponsored segment with itmeJP and Dansgaming, Cohh checked out multiple classes in the demo. With a release planned for April 1st, Cohh spent five hours with the content looking for a class to play. The Technomancer was his first choice, until he played the Trickster. After checking three of the four classes, Cohh was satisfied and ready to play the full release. Solo Run Multiplayer Run
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