Games Cohh's Playing March 22 - 28

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Mon Mar 22, 2021 8:41 am

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (March 22 - 28) the games are:

Dyson Sphere Program
Persona 5 Strikers
Dark Souls 3

Cozy streams:
Nioh 2
My Time At Portia

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.

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Sun Mar 28, 2021 4:09 pm

Anticipation is common theme when it comes to CohhCarnage. Time and time again the stream is wondering when a game will be played, when one will be finished or if it will be returned to.

Before continuing, take a minute and think of a game he has played or planned to play. It is a strong possibility that you can line a game up with each criteria.

Last week gave prime example of each event. Kicking the week off the community watched as Cohh made his highly anticipated dive into the “Dark Souls 3” Cinder’s Mod, while also returning to a franchise in “Persona 5: Strikers”. The variety continued to pick up as channel favorites in “DOOM” and “The Outer Worlds” saw revisits with new release of DLC. We cannot forget of the game that spawned a command, “Curse of the Dead Gods” coming to a timely end.

It was an action-packed week so let’s dive into it. This is not about the week that is but the week that was; it’s time for your weekly recap.

]Dark Souls 3
Different Look

Before the year began this revamp was on Cohh’s radar. With the idea of paying up on an overdue charity goal reward a Dark Souls 3 “speed run” was set into motion and met with multiple delays.

No matter how often it was pushed back Cohh still had plans to check out Cinders Mod which breathed new life into a favorite of many. The mod touches everything and offers many quality-of-life changes which can be noticed shortly after diving in. For example, while the base game offers 10 classes Cinders provides 27.

While Cohh worked through the new challenges, many entered chat asking what exactly Cinders Mod is. Sometimes a command isn’t enough and many in chat answered questions or offered explanations if needed.

Many in chat also spoke of their desire to return to Dark Souls and check out the mod. It is worth noting that if you use it make sure you play in offline mode. The mod does default you to this mode as well.

All-in-all Cohh suffered 102 deaths with some of those to gravity. While there are multiple DLC for the game, he only fought the first boss of “The Ringed City” as it was the only one affected by the mod.

If you missed any of this playthrough and want a nostalgic trip make your way to YouTube.

Persona 5 Strikers
Long Overdue Return

Before there was Danganrompa, there was Persona 5. It was the game that started the craze. It was a long overdue return to jump back into the world of the Phantom Thieves.

While it did start early in March, Strikers has been a game that has spanned the entire month finding timeslots to fit in some playtime. If you have been around the channel lately there are touches of this game heard every day. One of the game’s newest protagonists, Sophia, can be heard for every tip and subscription gift bomb given in the channel.

Without divulging much of the story, the team is trying to uncover a mystery that is changing the minds (hearts. actually) of people throughout the city. It’s worth noting that many asked if the base game is recommended to play before this entry. Both Cohh and chat strongly suggested to play that Persona 5 before playing Strikers.

If you have missed any of this month-long playthrough, you can get caught up on YouTube.

The Outer Worlds: Murder at Eridanos
The Best Yet?

It can easily be said that Cohh thoroughly enjoyed the latest DLC of “The Outer Worlds.”

Tasked with uncovering who murdered Halcyon Helen, the expansion makes one consider each person met as a suspect. Time and time again Cohh tried to pinpoint who did it while also checking names off. There are many jokes that could be said here, it’s just too easy.

Reaching the end of the game Cohh still couldn’t figure out exactly who did it. Nearing the final decision, he still wasn’t 100% sure on the murder. It seemed primed for a savescum moment, if the game allowed you to quick save. As he made the right choice – surprisingly – the loose strands quickly came together.

Labeling it the best story of the game – including the main story – Cohh said the expansion does everything well. To see the investigation unfold make your way to YouTube.

DOOM: The Ancient Gods
Hell Hath No Fury

Whenever Cohh jumps into DOOM you know there is going to be mayhem of the rip and tear variety.

Jumping into this latest expansion predictions were as common as the chaos. Channel points moved like a rollercoaster as people predicted if Cohh could survive the punishing gauntlets.
While Cohh died often, and a lot, he stated numerous times that he learned the quick strafe saves him, allowing him to actually look like he’s a good player. He didn’t say the last part, but you know he thinks it.

Completing the DLC in less than one stream, Cohh stated it was not quite worth the price. There is not much replayability which makes the $20 price point debatable. It is worth noting that Cohh stated he had a lot of fun and called it a good DLC.

To make your own decision on the expansion, while banging your head to the awesome music, make your way to YouTube.

Curse of the Dead Gods
The Curse is Over

It mentioned previously that one could tell this was going to be enjoyed by Cohh. You knew this too didn’t you? Remember “Hades?”

Storming through the temples in this roguelike adventure the addiction poured through Cohh as he struggled through various challenges thrown at him. While playing split cozy streams one had to often wonder if he would make the switch to “My Time at Portia” before he called it for the night.

Predictions often popped up as he worked through the game. Hilarity was around every corner as curses made many areas near impossible. One particular moment was the lack of healing available as he entered a new area. It was only a matter of time before he fell over, and the predictions were heavily one-sided.

The 17th marked the end of Cohh’s time with the game as he cleared the final temple. As the credits began to roll, he leaned back relishing the experience with a smile on his face. With DLC coming in the future there will be a return to this at some point. Only time will tell when that is.

It is worth watching if you missed any of this playthrough which can be found on YouTube.

The Growing Family
Player Three Set to Arrive

After the birth of their second child, Kai, Cohh would tell the channel that he and his wife were “two and through.”

The Carnage household is going to get bigger this year as Cohh announced on Friday that Laina was expecting their third child. With an expected birth in September, they found out it will also be a (greenscreen!) boy! The community wishes luck for Laina as she’ll now have to control 4 boys, including the man-child Cohh.

It is worth noting that many in the community expressed concerns due to health issues Cohh has briefly mentioned in the past. He has mentioned on stream that Laina suffers from a liver condition and doctors advised them before to stop after two. Cohh calmed many concerns stating they had spoken to doctors to make sure everything would be alight.

They were told it was going to be okay and so we’re on a path to meet baby Asher later this year!

On behalf of the moderation team, and the entire Cohhiltion, I want to congratulate Cohh, Laina, Roen and Kai on the newest addition to their family!
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