Games Cohh's Playing April 19 - 25

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Mon Apr 19, 2021 8:10 am

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (April 19 - 25) the games are:

Path of Exile

Cozy streams:
Path of Exile

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.

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Thu Apr 22, 2021 11:47 pm

Let Cohh know that Portal Reloaded just dropped this week on Steam if he is interested
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Wed Apr 28, 2021 7:53 am

It is often stated how variety is the spice of life.

Over the past couple of weeks Cohh has spent time in various genres truly showcasing himself as a variety streamer. Obviously, that will change after an extended stay with one game. The channel needs memes, right?

There were RPGs and rogue-likes. There were horror games and multiplayer battles. There were first looks and returns to channel favorites. Clearly the channel had something for everyone. It is why you often hear, “If you’re not a fan of this game come back and we’ll have something you like later.”

While this week has kicked off let’s take one last look at the week that was. There’s a lot to cover so let’s get started with your weekly recap.

Persona 5: Strikers
Seeing Old Friends

The run finally came to an end. After finding spots to fit the latest chapter in the Persona 5 saga Cohh reached the end much to the delight to chat. :cohhH:

It wasn’t all good feelings as many were sad the see it end even Cohh to a point. He spoke during the credits how he enjoyed the characters and would be excited to see them come together again. Maybe in a cameo for the next Persona? :cohhWow: ... EeDtawxaOC

Only time will tell. For now, the chapter is closed on the Persona franchise and it’s not clear when Cohh will return. But it would be a safe bet that you will see him back in the franchise someday.

To see the playthrough in its entirety, make your way to YouTube.

Path of Exile
New League; New Challenge

After the Ritual league one had to wonder when Cohh would return to Path of Exile. Remember it did take him a lengthy amount of time before spending multiple hours with that update.

With the announcement coming of the Ultimatum league excitement built as Cohh made the choice to once again spend some time in Grinding Gear Games’ product. The hype continued to grow after Zizaran was a guest on Dropped Frames days before the league dropped. :cohhWaii: ... 8l7Xdmv6K7

For Ultimatum Cohh chose picked an Exsanguinate build, which was tabbed as an experimental build.

Unfortunately, issues plagued this playthrough and slowly killed the desire for him. Server stability, the streamer queue debate, and having no true end goal for his build slowly drained his enjoyment. There were multiple issues Cohh had and one could argue the success of Ritual played into it as well. :cohhR:

If you missed any of this recent dive into Path of Exile, YouTube has you covered.

Resident Evil 7
Same Old Horror

With the arrival of Resident Evil 7 to PC, Cohh decided to return to a game he played in 2017. For those unaware, he played the game in VR on the PS4 then and chose this time as preparation for Resident Evil 8.

Knowing Cohh you remember that his memory isn’t the best, and the jokes are often made about it. This comes into play with RE7 as he remembers various moments and encounters but not the story itself. :cohhDingus: ... sHkoG1ykvW

The shocks and cringes were frequent as Cohh worked through the dark twisted cabin and woods set in this chapter. Sunday saw the main story reach its end but he has plans to check out the DLC when time allows. :cohhH:

With a busy week ahead away from the stream there’s no exact timeframe to when that will be. Until then get caught up Cohh’s revisit on YouTube.

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance
Recommendation Taken

How often have you seen Cohh take a suggestion from another streamer? Lost count? Add another to the list.

Wednesday saw it happen as NorthernLion appeared on Dropped Frames. One of his favorite, and most played, games is The Binding of Isaac. You could see Cohh’s wheels spinning in his head during the three-hour episode.

With no set plan for the next cozy the plan was made to check out the Repentance expansion and it took off. New heroes would be unlocked and channel points were gambled as viewers predicted if he would advance to the next floor. :cohhLoot:

What started easy became much more of a challenge as Cohh upped the difficulty, much to the delight of the cozy viewers. :cohhEvil:

Isaac stills holds cozy streams for now but its time may be coming to an end.

YouTube has you covered if you’ve missed any of the chaos.

A Brief Tease

Thanks to Sony for giving Cohh an early look he was able to show off the yet to be released new IP from Housemarque.

In the 45-minute showcase many viewers and Cohh fell in love with the rogue-like adventure where many were lost in the beauty and layout of the early areas. :cohhWaii:

After time was called on his first look, Cohh announced he would be playing it on launch. Many of his questions were answered and he professed an early love and enjoyment for the game.

With a planned release of April 30, the plan is already made for an extended playthrough when it comes out. If you're interested in this early look check out YouTube.

Neir Replicant
Remade Wonders

After playing Neir Automata one could tell Cohh would revisit the Neir universe when the next game came along.

With the planned release on April 23, Cohh let it be known for weeks his intentions to play the remake of the game first released in 2010.

Over three days – as he got it one day early – Cohh worked his way through the adventure attempting to find the cure for the plague that slowly wiped out the society. Sunday, he reached the conclusion of the game. ... 1ai7xkEeUE

One complaint that appeared often in chat was how the world for dead or just empty. People are used to the active and chaotic worlds we play in now, forgetting how much has changed in a decade. :cohhHmm:

Without spoiling the ending, Cohh has stated a slight desire to play for other endings including the fifth that was added to the remastered version. It’s possible for the game to appear in cozy streams but no one knows for certain if we’ll see more of this game on the stream.

To see Cohh’s first experience in Replicant check the playthrough on YouTube.

Chivalry 2
Cozy Carnage

If you have missed the past four days of cozy you haven’t missed much.

It can be summed up with one phrase: “AAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!”

Jokes aside, Cohh spent the weekend in the closed beta fighting numerous people including moderators and viewers. You could say it provided the back half of his name, “Carnage.”

The weekend event provided numerous playstyles notably team deathmatch and objectives. No matter the battle Cohh had fun with a plethora of weapons including two-handers, swords, and spears. He refused to touch the bow as he hates archers. ... OX9bzhYj54

With a release planned for early June it needs to be stated that Cohh pays no attention to his team. This could be finding himself surrounded or attacking his own teammates. People need to be alerted for future community days. :cohhEvil:

If you're interested in picking this game up it has an exclusive deal on the Epic Games Store for now. Make sure you use Cohh's referral code: COHH.

YouTube has you covered if you want to learn Cohh's strategy.
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