Monthly Review: March

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Wed Apr 28, 2021 7:16 pm

While February seemed to focus solely on Valheim, March returned to normal with a loaded schedule of both the new and old.

With a return to favorites like The Outer Worlds and DOOM, hidden gems were found in games like Loop Hero or Curse of the Dead Gods. Games carried over from February saw their conclusion met while popular titles closed the month on a high note.

The theme of March seemed to be stopping and starting. Often there were pauses in games like Graveyard Keeper and Persona 5 Strikers, only to find continuation when time allowed it. A number of games were short pleasant trips of only a day and gone before you know it. I’m sure some games were even missed!

As we near the end of April, let’s take one last look at March. Your monthly recap is here.

Graveyard Keeper
March 1 – March 12
Continuing to push through the content, Cohh had a change of heart from the first time he played it. Checking out the added DLC seemed to flush out the storyline that still left questions a plenty. It was worth a return to put a fitting end on the story. YouTube.

My Time at Portia
March 1 – March 30
People often look back at Cohh’s first time in MTaP and hope he would return which he finally did playing it mostly in cozy stream. Slowly the grind and repetitiveness took its hold and burned him out. A return is doubtful, but at least there was a second trip to Portia. YouTube.

Curse of the Dead Gods
March 2 – March 18
It started with a sponsored stream and then shared the cozy spotlight with MTaP. A game that even got its own command (isthishadses?) because of the similarity. Not as flashy as Hades but it had the right mixture to be an entertaining game on the stream as Cohh pushed the hardest content. YouTube.

Loop Hero
March 3 – March 7
A game that took the stream by surprise. With pixel graphics and a catchy soundtrack Cohh defeated all content with the classes provided. The simple look of the game covered up the difficult and deep playstyle. YouTube.

Persona 5 Strikers
March 8 – March 31
A long-awaited return of the Phantom Thieves with the added help of fresh faces. Marching to uncover the mystery and clear their name (again) saw this game take numerous pauses. It kept hold as the filler game to be played when time was made. YouTube.

Black Skylands
March 12
Thanks goes to tinyBuild for giving a key for an early look at this skypunk adventure. Your mission is to rebuild your home and avenge tragedies that struck you. Cohh came away impressed with plans to return on release. YouTube.

Dark Souls 3 Cinders Mod
March 14 – March 20
A long-awaited charity reward came to the stream as people waited to see the death count climb climb. What was supposed to be a speedrun became more of a nostalgic trip as bosses presented new mechanics making them more challenging. It was well worth the wait. YouTube.

The Outer Worlds (Murder on Eridanos)
March 18 – March 19
The latest DLC tasked you with uncovering a murder and strange occurrences on Eridanos. While Cohh has stated his enjoyment of The Outer Worlds, he mentioned this story was the best of the game so far, as it wasn’t until near the end as he figured out the mystery. YouTube.

Skul: The Hero Slayer
March 19 – March 20
A 2D rogue-lite platformer game found its place over two nights on cozy streams. Cohh had heard good things about the game and wanted to check it out. The design of the game gave callbacks to numerous classics, while still presenting a notable challenge. YouTube.

DOOM Eternal (The Ancient Gods Pt. 2)
March 20 – March 21
Demon killing and music to do it by, that’s what DOOM does well. Deaths and rage were a part of the mixture as well as Cohh ripped and tore through this latest DLC. Continuing to unravel the plot following Part One, the story came to a fitting in with DOOM Eternal’s final DLC. YouTube.

Dyson Sphere Program
March 22 – March 23
Before this game was shown on stream it had been highly requested. It felt like a game that Cohh would fall and get lost in. Playing only two days he stated a return would be in order as he only worked through the first levels of base building. YouTube.

Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace
March 24 – March 25
It was an experience. That’s the best way to describe Cohh’s impressions on the turn-based adventure game set in H.P. Lovecraft’s universe. It had its moments but left one shaking their head more often than not. YouTube.

Risk of Rain 2
March 25
In a sponsored segment from Gearbox, Cohh spent the afternoon returning to a game he spent a long time in in August. This visit was to celebrate the two-year anniversary from its launch in early access and was an easy “Yes” for Cohh. YouTube.

Paradise Lost
March 26
A hidden gem that was called an interactive book by both Cohh and viewers upon completion. A simple and rather clunky experience at times became worthwhile as the game was completed in just over four hours. It is worth the time to watch if missed. YouTube.

The Shore
March 27
A game with an open-ended story, it felt more enjoyable for the experience rather than unraveling a mystery. The atmosphere is thought-provoking as notes and sequences show how people slipped into madness. YouTube.

March 28
Taking the suggestion from chat proved to be a good idea on this one. A hand-penciled horror game will hit the spot for lovers of the genre. It may look simple at first but the devil is in the details. It’s a beautifully-drawn game with a plethora of challenges from hostile enemies to multiple puzzles. YouTube.

Disco Elysium
March 29 – March 30
It only took a few years for Cohh to finally jump into this adventure. With “The Final Cut” adding voice acting, he dove in head first and would end up spending most of April working through it. What we knew early on was the voice actors made it much more enjoyable. YouTube.

March 31
Cohh began playing this one day early and would wind up spending about as much time as he hoped with it. He stuck with his choice of playing the Trickster and many were simply happy to see the shaky camera of the beta fixed in cutscenes. What one didn’t expect where the complaints that rose up later on. YouTube.
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