Cohh's Birthday St. Jude Charity Weekend Was a Success!

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Fri Jun 25, 2021 4:20 pm

As the title states, Cohh's birthday St. Jude Charity stream was a giant success! Thanks to our beautiful community we raised $420,732.69 for the kids! It was such a fun stream and thank-you everyone that participated and was here for it.

The following is the list of goals we met:

25k - Cohh matches all donations up to 25k
75k - Cohh builds a lego set of Chat's choice (at the new house)
100k - Full run of Life is Strange
125k - Ultimate Basement tour + Collectibles video
150k - The CohhRoss Painting Stream
175k - Cat Onesie suit day
200k - Banana suit day
225k - Pickle suit day
250k - $2500 PowerGPU computer giveaway
275k - $2500 PowerGPU computer giveaway
300k - $2500 PowerGPU computer giveaway
350k - $2500 PowerGPU computer giveaway
400k - Cohh does a morning stream as Zeke

Due to extenuating circumstances and the donation debacle Cohh will also complete the following goals as promised:
450k - Cohh COOKING stream! (Breakfast with Cohh's famous eggs)
500k - The Workout Challenge (90 day workout event with pictures and updates)
(Secret) - 2 hours of Dream Daddy (for Nuuriell)
(Secret) - FF XIV All Main Story (at Cohh's own pace)
1m - Hot tub stream

$100 - Chance to win 1 of 5 special St. Jude themed chairs!
$5,000+ - Option to have their username written on Cohh wherever they'd like (non-face)
$10,000+ - Option to have their username written on Cohh wherever they'd like (including face)

Again, thank-you everyone for making this a special event and making Cohh's birthday spectacular! FOR THE KIDS!

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