Games Cohh's Playing December 20 - 26

Any new features, updates and important stuff will be posted here.
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Wed Dec 22, 2021 9:06 am

Hi, everyone!

As we all know, Cohh has a lot of gaming going on. Since it's easy to be confused on what he'll be playing we're going to try to keep people updated on (potential) games he'll be playing each week. This week (December 20 - 26) the games are:

Final Fantasy XIV
Monkey Island games
Dying Light

Cozy streams:

Please keep in mind that this list could change at any time.


Please note that Cohh has started Endwalker; this means that there will be more FFXIV on the channel. Thank-you to everyone along for the ride as Cohh makes his way through the next expansion.
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Wed Dec 22, 2021 10:16 am

Definitely digging the Dying Light playthrough. I last played it so long ago, forgot how good it was.
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