AUGUST 24-25-Smite-5v5 TEAM conquest

Would you like to host a tournament for Cohhilition members? Post in here and let them know when and where to be!
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BIG: Change of plans might have to cancel 100% if not nuff people post a 5 man roster here minimum of 4 teams NEEDED

RULES :1: team of 5
3: IN CONQUEST aka the ranked map
4: have the entire team roster, team name posted here when figured out please try to make it one post
1: it will be 8 teams or 16 teams DEPENDING how many can come show up or want to join
two games at a  time ill SAY the 4 teams going on AT the moment so like Team X vs TEAM Y will be streamed by cohh RIGHT now
2: BUT you must make it a  PARTY of 5 with ur CORRECT team make a custom game with password then tell your CORRECT current opponent team LEADER (teams vote on leader) the password
3: then PM Cohh on smite saying it started so he can stream every game solo on his stream and then as each game goes on Ill update the match ups :p
4: PLEASE don't do games early on tourney day please to be readily available!
5: PM me for info, time and date not yet determined when we have the 16 teams or I close the entries since 8 is as many as we got then I will announce when its gona be the Prizes will be determined if any1 donates them for this and COHH Can choose to make prizes himself
ON COHHS stream for the prize
6: I will be making random brackets with group A and group B the winners of their bracket will be against the  other brackets winner

UPDATE: I got the basic brackets ready  I just need teams to put into them so registeration is  up till we get a 16th team ready more Updates to come soon When confirmed w/ cohh
UPDATE 2: NVM ignore the old Update 2 now its on Cohhs channel due to him going to have token prizes for the team tourney! But I am hosting it and doing all the work behind d scenes cohh is just streaming the games for his newly announced Token Tourneys
Update 3: I believe cohh is adding a TOKEN reward a pretty good one too for the WINNING team

REMINDER: post your WHOLE 5 PERSON roster in this post along with team captain and team name in one post please THE date is TBD depending how many peeps sign up and how long it takes :p

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