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Would you like to host a tournament for Cohhilition members? Post in here and let them know when and where to be!
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Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:33 pm

Description: Players will try to get the best run in 5 hours
What does "Best Run" mean?
-most items
-most gold
With all these things you need to win their needs to be some organization
the top players in each category will receive a set amount of points, the ones with the highest will receive 10 points, the second highest will receive 9, the third 8, and so on till 1, anyone lower will receive no points in set category.

The categories are
Time (as in fastest)
Items (as in most)
Gold/coins (as in most)

so the most points a player can receive in just category is 30.

But things such as:
will cause players to receive or loses points.
also their will be certain rewards for players who do certain tasks while in the process of the game.
Those special events/awards will grant bonus points to players, they will be released at the start of the game so expect anything.

Because this game cannot be spectated proof will be needed in order to receive credit for any category or event/award. Proof examples will be provided later on.

By the time you have reached down here your must be thinking something along the lines of "what do i get if i win?", "is their a reward for winning?" or "is their an entry fee?".
My opinion in this matter is to let the people choose, players want a reward then those entering need to pay, if you could care less about a reward then no entry fee is needed. if players still want a reward but don't want to pay, then i could give a game or two for the victor, but i don't have many steam games to give away (and the ones i have probably aren't high caliber games, probably indie games).

If anyone is interested, has concerns, questions, or anything of that nature then shoot me an email at mashednumbers@gmail.com, or logano.s.gamba@gmail.com or you could post a comment.
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