Some nifty Pathfinder Kingmaker mods

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Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:41 pm

Ran across these and loaded them up and they are amazing.

They all require (or claim to require) Unity Mod Manager, but UMM is not required once they're installed.
Remember Temple of Elemental Evil? This mod takes the 3rd edition of D&D (which Pathfinder is based on) and makes combat very similar to that old Troika game.
Did you know that the isometric perspective is forced, and that it's actually more like Divine Souls Original Sin? Yeah. This mod unlocks the ability to pan around the map.
Got a bunch of Arcane scrolls and hate right clicking every one of them to see if your Arcane Wizard can learn them? This is the mod for you.

These don't change the story, they are all QoL mods, and they mesh well with the latest Pathfinder Kingmaker version. It's not a different game, the core's still there, but these are kind of like the Bioware Enhanced Editions that Beamdog have been doing. :P

I look forward to Cohh doing an evil run (when he gets over himself) with these mods. :cohhR:
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