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Mon Sep 12, 2022 2:29 pm

Hello everyone, I just conclude five months of involvement in the Closed Beta for Fractured Online.

It was a blast.

I did wind up in the guild that topped the leaderboard charts. We found a fun group, gelled, stayed the course and would up with a great group.

The game releases Thursday. It starts out *hard* as a single player. It's a sandbox; there is no quest system, and the economy is player driven - there are NO NPCs with anything for sale. The markets are filled by players, items are bought by players.

The crafting is interesting and to be honest, one player might be able to focus on a single weapon or a set of gear. And use the markets and small groups to feed any crafting habit you may start.

Combat is interesting. The array of character selections are truly a "build your own", including you get to decide on:

Attributes that mimic the D&D world
What weapons you use
Enchants on both
Talent points (up to 60 points as of this writing) - to augment your character
Abilities - a spell/ability book of nearly 150 skills

You do not level in Fractured Online. You adventure, wander, and kill mobs. By killing mobs you reach for 100% completion/knowledge of that mob type, and from that mob, you gain the potential to then train a skill.

This is a "you decide how to build it" MMO with a nice sense of adventure. The Development team is smaller, there are bugs, and they have gotten a lot fixed and right in this beta.

Thursday a new world comes online. If this is of interest, Look for "doog". They are everywhere. I had an absolute blast playing Fractured and helping with the largest guild/company on the server.

Hope you all are well and enjoy all your gaming, We'll have about 5-6 months in this early access release, then the game will go to final release "in the winter." Thursday 15 Sept is the Steam and Early Access release. Come help us play, exlore and find/iron out the final bugs and features in this unique MMO!
Good Vibes to all!
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