Beginners Guide to Payday 2 (With Bonus Beta Specifics!) WIP

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this is a work in progress, so treat it as such. Enjoy the info I already have in here and feel free to leave any comments about things I should add or got wrong


You're an amazing notorious bank robber. Your a Payday gang member. The police jump you like your a freshly baked Bavarian creme filled doughnut the instant there is a whiff of a crime. How do you remain infamous but not incarcerated? Check out some of the informational tips below on having a great time and getting those big paydays!

General Gameplay Info/Tips

1) This Game is Very Random

Every level has random events, spawns for key items, and even variants of the missions you play. Bank Heist, the security room, vault, cameras, where the key card is, which doors are open, all of it random. You can even have a random police raid during a drug deal! I love this feature as it makes even the same mission a little different when you play it so it has great replay value (I have put 130+ hours into beta alone and it only have 5 unique heists). because of this I want to stress one thing, there is no one right way to do a heist. There are things that work better, there are some tricks people can show you that make parts easier, but the game is about adjusting to different scenarios and exploring. Don't let more experienced players get you down with 'your doing it wrong' talk if you don't follow the 'normal way' (I'm looking at you Watchdogs...). Talk it out with them, explain why you want to do it your way and why they are doing it their way. Maybe your the first to discover a better way!

2) Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!

Voice chat was included in the game for a reason people. "We're not trying to stealth/It's an action mission who needs to talk?" Well you might be changing your tune when that bulldozer caresses the back of your head with buckshot. Even if you don't have a microphone yourself, unless you cannot have voice on for some reason (i.e. streaming game play and concerned about language for your viewers) leave it enabled. Couple of specific examples to convince you:
  • Marking special enemies (more on this later) has a relatively short duration and doesn't ahve any sort of indicator unless your looking at them. Also, it can be easy to miss your characters yells calling them out in the midst of a firefight
  • Rats mission: when calling out materials to make the meth Bain CAN BE WRONG EVEN IF HE SOUNDS SURE (he is using random internet websites to guide you as his voice prompts sometimes indicate). Confirming with your teammates what they hear Bain say will save your bacon from being fried when the house explodes, and snag you some spare bags
  • Multiple people can be doing same thing (raising someone or repairing a drill for example) and not protecting the crew from the swat team coming in the window (. Also, some perks make it more beneficial for someone to raise people, collect money, or set/repair drills (see abilities section under game mechanics for some tips!)
  • Shields. That is all.
3) Play with your peeps!

This game is meant to be played cooperatively. It can be played solo, but it really shines with other people (hopefully friends). "But nobody knows what they are doing and ruin things I don't want to play with others!" you might say. Well a couple reasons you might want to consider it:
  • The AI teammates do NOT carry bags for you (Nightclub for instance you don't get escape option until ALL bags are in car and you can have from 1-4 bags)
  • They cannot cable tie civilians so you have to yell at any you don't have the spare ties for (increasing your playtime and risk if your undetected). You only start with 2 and it takes precious points to spec into the 10 cable ties (mastermind tier 1 aced skill, minimum 5 skill points)
  • It will ONLY give you 2 AI's even solo, you cannot have a 3 AI team
  • They do not count toward the surviving crew bonus in pay screens (more alive team members more free bonus cash you get! It does NOT scale the totals if you have less teammates 2/4 or 2/2 human teammates making it out gives you same cash)
4) Have fun!

Mopst importantly remember, this is a game. If you're not enjoying yourself, then why would you keep playing? Sometimes missions go wrong, it can be unlucky, someone not paying attention, poor spawns, and general hardheadedness. Refer back to communicate, know what your team is planning. Mission just not gonna work? The party leader can just hit the escape key and choose to terminate the contract. You go back out to the menu, choose a new one. Brush it off and move on, some crews just wont be able to do some missions well with everyone's skill at the game or skill tree layout. Bank heist wont be silent if you don't have a mastermind to help with Dominator or Smooth Talker skills. If a group is really annoying you, just go look for a different room.

Game Mechanics


Basic Controls YAY! This game is being released for consoles as well as pc's so its fully controller compatible. The only downside to controller is it seems to completely lock out your keyboard and I havnt figured out a voice chat control. I definitely recommend keyboard/mouse for this game. I will be working off a 360 controller layout.







Left Stick\

Run (toggle/hold option)|

Left Shift|

Click Left Stick \



Click Right Stick\

Look Around|


Right Stick\


Left Click|

Right Trigger\

Aim Down Sight (toggle/hold option)|

Right Click|

Left Trigger\

Switch Weapon|



Toggle Weapon Gadget|


D-Pad Down\






Right Bumper\

Throw Bag/Deploy Equipment|


Left bumper\

Mission Screen|


Back Button\




Push to Talk|

` (~ key)|

D-Pad Up\

Open Chat|



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The Heists
When you log in to CRIME.NET (the mission selection system for the game) you will see a bunch of bubbles pop up with the heist names (and possible faction influence) as well as dots under them.

**TIP** If you want to host a game, make it easier to find and hit 'F' on keyboard and change game filter to friends only. This will only show you friends games and new heists you can start! This tip is also great for toning down the screen when you first see it so you can understand the unique selection system.

When a new heist appears it will have a circle timer next to it, after a certain amount of time it will vanish and a new one will show up. Already hosted games will have a set of 4 people instead showing how many slots are filled. You can mouse over the heist to hear an audio clip detailing it and see how many days it is, basic payout, if they are in lobby or game, and if there is a difficulty bonus and clicking it will bring up the full details. This will give you an overview of the mission objectives and detailed info on what your xp and day/contract pay rate. The white stars in the difficulty grade are the basic difficulty of the mission, the yellow skulls are difficulty bonus modifiers. ! skull is hard, 2 very hard, and 3 is overkill, with large bonus's for each ramp up. However with each of these comes more difficult enemy's. You need to balance your greed with your skill/equipment to maximize your gains. If you fail a mission, you will get NO money though you do get a very small amount of experience. As you level up higher base star missions will appear.

Multi-day Heists
Once you get into the 4+ star basic difficulties you will begin to see heists that are multiple days. The final day of the mission is the 'Payday' and when you will get the majority of your pay and money. Any loot bags you collect or instant cash will come into play on completing the final day. As you beat each day it WILL give you a fair amount of cash and xp per to keep you running. The way these missions work is as you finish each day, it will affect the next day. I will give you an example with the mission Rats, a 3 day heist. You start out on day 1, you need meth bags to trade for information. The drug dealers want 3 bags but you can get up to 7 for extra cash. It is possible to blow up the lab and leave with less than 3 though. Second day you are trying to trade for intel on the gang you need to eliminate. If you dont bring enough meth the drug dealers may betray you and try and burn the intel hidden in a safe. On day 3 you have to eliminate the gang members and once you do so you can leave OR grab the cash they had on them. The intel from day 2 includes codes to disable the traps inside some of the suitcases or money. You can still complete the mission messing up on any particular day but the events dynamically shape the other days in the heist.

Escape Events
When dealing with multiple day heists there is also a random escape event that can occur which adds another mini-mission to just run to the escape car between actual mission days. If you have bags of meth or cash (like in Rats mission) you will have to haul these to the escape car or LOSE THEM FOR THE NEXT DAY.

Planning Room
Once you have chosen and loaded the planning room there will be 4 tabs for you to look at. It gives you a detailed rundown of Bain's plan for your mission, Assets, Loadout, and Crew Setup.

Assets: some missions will have optional things you can buy for the mission, like an ammo or medical bag laying somewhere in the level or a sniper to help you survive an assault. Currently only the host can buy these, and if you fail a day you WILL HAVE TO RE-PURCHASE THEM.

Loadout: Pretty self explanatory, this is your gear for the mission. You have a primary and secondary weapon, armor, and an equipment slot. You cannot buy/customize anything on this screen but you can switch around things you already own.

Crew Setup: Overview of each team members loadout (including your own) so you can coordinate whos bringing the med pack and the ammo.

visual cues
- player interaction
- marking special enemies
abilities (handy website
- tier bonus
- crew bonus
- weapon mods
bag respawns
- assault delay
- assault duration
police escalation


The good, the bad, and the loud (who fired that gun??)
- detection and stealth
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