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:cohhHi: ,

Figured I put a few tips together...

MR : Mastery rank.
Primes and normal are considered different for MR as are variations of weapons.
For example Hek and Vaykor hek are considered as separate in terms of MR.
High MR does not mean skill, I mean I'm MR 18 and I'm just bad at parkour and still get lost on infested missions.

Warframes are worth 6k MR each.
Sentinels and pets are worth 6k each.
Weapons(Including sentinel weapons, archwing) are 3k.
So a sentinel and it's weapon = 9k total.
Each variation of a pet, [smeeta kavat] , [adazra kavat] are worth 6k each.

Why should I care at all about MR?
Some weapons are MR locked you can't use OR trade for them until you reach the MR.
MR means more rep gain per day is possible. +1000 per MR rank.

Mastery Rank you can practice them at any relay?
Go to the relay, fast travel to simaris and head right you'll see a bunch of tubes each has an MR test. (NB Most are pretty easy but some are a little tricky)
If you fail a mastery rank test you gotta wait 24 hrs :cohh7:

Getting weapons.(non-plat)
Some can be bought from the market with credits, this is probably the fastest way to level early. Things like the mk 1-braton etc...
Some blueprints can be bought from the market, things like the atterax, hek (A really good weapon).
Some blueprints can be bought from the clan dojo, (You need to make the key first) then visit the dojo and visit the tenno lab, bio lab, chem lab and energy lab.
Others later on are available from the syndicates things like the vaykor hek.
Some are from invasions/drops.

Primes verses non-primed frames.
Honestly not much of a difference really. Primes are a little better, most though look much better.

Relics(Getting that sweet sweet :cohhLoot: ).
What are they : Relics are ways to get a random blueprint, neuroptics, systems or chassis or forma blueprint.

4 Types : Lith, Meso, Neo and Axi. These are level based basically.

Where do I crack open relics?
It's the little flamey mission things, so called endless missions, defense, interception, survival can be good to crack a few of them open.
Others like capture can be pretty fast. :cohhCheer:
I generally avoid rescue and defection :cohhRude:

How do I find the relics I need to build X?
Well you first go to the codex, the codex is quests on the esc menu.
codex->universe->"relics and arcanes". Then type in what you are after, a light color on the relic means you already have one a dark color means you don't have one. You can click on the relic to see what it contains. NB. It's not smart so "Limbo systems" won't work "Limbo prime systems" will though.

When you finish one of the missions with the flame on it after collecting 10 of the :cohhDerp: required you'll get a choice of a reward, if you are playing with more than one person :cohhOMG:

Gold/yellow reward - nearly always pick this it's the rare one. Worth 100 ducks to baro anyways :cohhPts: and can be worth a bit of plat too.
Silver/Grey - Good. (keep an eye out for the syndicate ones)
Bronze - Common, Welp there's always Baro. A fine time to pick a forma reward...
Radshare - This relates to relics and void refinement, and is were everyone has put the max amount of void traces into a relic to make it radiant. NB. You can only do this once. This raises the chance of getting the gold you are after from 10% to 34% per run.

Something being vaulted means that isn't part of the relic drop table presently, other people can still use relics they had and get the vaulted reward though.
Some vaulted relics can be bought at Baro.(Volt prime,Aklex prime) and one of the archwings(but honestly who cares :cohhRude: )

Who is baro and why should I care :cohhNani: ?
Baro sells you primed mods, primed mods are upgrades to regular mods they are better but cost more points. Some are really good (point blank, reach,flow), some like ammo stuff are not.
Baro also sells weapons, these weapons give more MR and some like the prisma grakata are quite good. They come pre-built so no waiting around for them to build.
Baro also sells cosmetics, the skins can be really nice, I like the landing craft ones myself.

When does baro appear?
Every two weeks on a friday, you will see the day before or so a little marker on the universe map marking the relay he is going to.

What are ducats, Where do I get them, what are they for?
In any relay, mercury(pc) there is a kiosk on the right after you go in a little bit, this kiosk also has a timer showing when baro will turn up.
Be careful about selling made stuff you need here! :cohhFail:
Pretty much everything you get from baro costs both credits and ducats.

There are six of them, generally speaking you want to either choose to work for the left 3 or the right 3, but make sure to pick up all the beginning sigils.

Syndicate Basics :
Start earning rep early, in fact start now! :cohhPts:

Gaining Rep.
Equipment->arsenal->appearance->regalia->front sigil or back sigil, only one at a time. (Then select who you want to gain standing with).

Starting out I recommend :
Arbiters of hexis/cephalon suda on the left
New loka/perrin sequence on the right
since you'll gain some standing for both while working for one of them.

NB. There are some frames syndicate mods that are exclusive to the side you choose,
Right-siders for example will have exclusive access to nekros, trinity, valkyr, titania, zephyr and mag mods.

I'm not gaining any more rep what happened? :cohhNani:
There is a daily cap of your MR(Mastery rank) + 1000.
For example : An MR 10 person can earn 11k daily from doing non-syndicate missions just by wearing the sigil.

Syndicate missions: (These give rep in addition to the daily cap, so definitely worth doing if you are leveling them up)
These are extra missions you get 3 daily normally. (More if you level up)
During these missions there are "normally" medallions you can pickup around 8 or so, these can give a boost of 500, 1000 or 5000 depending on the type if you turn them in at a relay. You should mark them with 'G' first if you have a group.
While they normally give medallions, defense and interception will not normally give any medallions. There are exceptions like the defense hydron tileset, this is a great place to re-roll for the tier 3 medallions btw.
Quitting and re-starting the same map will give different medallions but mission stays the same.

Medallion mods : [Thieves wit], [Animal instinct] mods are your friends, if you are looking for them since they appear on your mini-map with those on.
Equinox and Limbo can break boxes in a large area allowing you to run around quickly and vacuum up the non-medallion loot and anything that doesn't get vacuumed up is going to be a medallion. There are some weapons that are good too, like the sonicor for breaking boxes.

I've got some medallions :cohhCheer: now what :cohhNani: ?
Well you take yourself to the nearest relay (Mercury - PC has one)
Then you fast travel to and this is the only time you'll use this (conclave), hit esc and turn around and go out of the room then look for the correct door to turn your stuff into. For those on the left, surprisingly it's on the left you'll be looking and if your a rightie it's on the right :cohhHmm:

Syndicate Rep, Simaris rep, quills and cetus rep are all completely separate.
So you can do them all everyday.

Repeat ad nauseum!

Wishing you all,
:cohhGV: :cohhGV: :cohhGV: :cohhL:
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