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Rage - Config & settings for Windows 10

If you are like me, and want to play Rage before Rage 2, here are some tips and fixes:

Go to where you installed the game:

Find "rageconfig.cfg" replace everything with this: *WARNING CHANGE videoRam to what you have! WARNING* *First line*

Code: Select all

seta com_videoRam 8192 //Set to the amount of video card memory you have in MB (1gb = 1024MB) 
seta com_maxfps 60 //limits the frames to 60 DO NOT USE HIGHER THEN 60! Glitches will happend and some missons wont be completed
seta image_anisotropy 4 //Don’t use higher than 4, otherwise you’ll get artifacts
seta image_usecompression 0 //uncompress the bad 4k-ish textures to 8k+
seta image_filter GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR //filtering for light maps
seta image_preload 1 //Use preload images when ever possible
seta image_lodbias -1 //LoD settings
seta image_ignoreHighQuality 0 //Set to "0" for HQ gfx
seta image_ignoreLowQuality 1 //ignores the low textures
seta image_useCache 1 //Enabled Cache to allow the textures to load properly without popping
seta image_cacheMegs 2048 //Cache size in Megabytes
seta image_cacheMinK 50 //Cache minimum size in kilobytes
seta r_swapInterval 1 //VSYNC 1 enabled, 0 diabled
seta r_useHighQualityPostProcess 1 //Force High Quality post proccessing
seta r_shadowsHighQuality 1 //Force High Quality shadows
seta r_displayRefresh 0 //keep it so the engine doesn’t double render a frame
seta r_renderer best //highest rendering options
seta r_multiSamples 32 //Set this to 8 if you’re having low-fps (8, 16 or 32 max)
seta r_useHBAO 1 //Ambient occlusion
seta r_useRenderThread 1 // 1 Enable threaded rendering useful to increase performance.
seta r_visDistMult 1
seta r_useMotionBlur 1 //use blur
seta r_skipBump 0
seta r_skipSpecular 0
seta r_skipNewAmbient 0
seta r_shadows 1
seta r_cgFragmentProfile best
seta r_cgVertexProfile best
seta vt_lodBias -1 //LoD settings
seta g_fov 90
//below is cache settings
seta vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 "16384"
seta vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly "16384"
seta vt_pageimagesizeunique "16384"
seta vt_pageimagesizevmtr "16384"
seta vt_maxppf "24"
seta vt_maxlockedpages "256"
seta vt_minlod "-2"
seta vt_lodBias "-2"
seta vt_maxaniso "2"
seta vt_qualityhdplossless "1"
seta vt_qualityhdppower "0"
seta vt_qualityhdpspecular "0"
seta vt_qualityhdpnormal "0"
seta vt_qualityhdpdiffuse "0"
seta vt_qualitydctpower "100"
seta vt_qualitydctspecular "100"
seta vt_qualitydctnormal "100"
seta vt_qualitydctchroma "100"
seta vt_qualitydctluma "100"
seta vt_restart

Set launch options:
Skips the intros

Code: Select all

+com_skipIntroVideo 1

Game cache file
In some cases the game doesn't create the default 1 GB texture cache file. Check here:

Code: Select all

%USERPROFILE%/appdata/local/id software/rage
If the folder doesn't exist, create it to and add

Code: Select all

+fc maxcachememoryMB 1024
to your Steam launch options. The next time the game starts this should trigger creation of the texture cache file that will make the texture streaming better.

Other settings i Run:

How my game looks:

This is what i have done and it runs smooth :)

Still issues check out this page:
Scroll down, alot of different config tweaks that you can test out if you have issues.
*This config has been assembled by untrained monkeys*
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