Baldurs Gate Spell and HLA Guide made for Cohh.

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Ill just Skip Spells that you should probably not use or i remember that are moded only and just write the relevant ones. Will add a :cohhR: next to Good Kensai/Mage Spells and point out spells that regular Mages should skip.

FOR a COMPLETE and Thorough Overview off All Spells (Modded or not) , Classes , Companions etc. Check out Davaeorn on youtube/twitch/discord. Allmost everything i learned was from that guy.


Make sure to read Spells that you use by yourself in game to know what they do exactly 🙂

Blindness - Good for any mage. its a True Blind , so aside from the debuffs it also dosent allow mages to cast , archers to shoot and Fighters to attack enemies not direcrlt next to them.

Find Fimilliar :cohhR: - Only the MC can have this spell. It summons a fimiliar , you talk to it and put it inside your invetory , it gives half its HP to the caster ,in bg2 thats 12 o 16. Great spell. Make sure you put it in the invetory , if it dies you lose 1 Con permanently. Cast it once then uslot it.

Friends :cohhR: - Good for talking to shoopkeepers. IT gives 6 cha. 20 Cha gives maximum Discounts at stores. Reputation also lowers the prices.

Identify Good for Identifying xD you can find /buy googles that can idenfity 3 times per day. Still usefull though.

Magic Missile :cohhR: Great Spell in BG2. It scales with Mage lvls getting stronger and stronger. Start getting rly good from around lvl 9. Rly good for interupting Casters.

Prot from Petrification Great vs Enemies that Petrify , so just slot for those fights after a reload xD

Shield :cohhR: Great Spell , stops MAgic Missile. Use This , dont use Armor.

Sleep Amazing in BG1 (Never saw someone complete bg 1 and not use it xD it wins fights for like half the game) Useless in BG2.

Spook Great Spell Amazing lvl 1 CC. Probably leave it to main Mages.


Blurr :cohhR: (One of the Big 3 Spells that together ADD Lots of AC and saving Throws to your mage) Usefull on All Mages , must have for your Kensai Mage.

Mirror Image :cohhR: Must have for Kensai Mage , Must have on All Mages.

Web Best lvl 2 CC Spell. In BG2 you probably wont use it as much cause Mirror Image ad Blurr are must haves and other CC options open at later lvls.

Detect Invisiblity Super Usefull vs Stealth and Invis Targets

Glitter Dust Blindness + Detect Invis in one spell. It does require a save though so it can Fail and Detect Invis always Works.

Invisibility Great to save someone if he is about to die

Resist Fear Cleric should cast This , but its here if needed.

Strength Can be usefull but i dont see you using it xD

Vocalize :cohhR: (Only for specific Fights skip normally) Amazing if you get silenced. Dont think you will be silenced often in the base game Though. Its here if that becomes a problem though.

Horror In the base game its actually a Decent CC option. Aoe Fear , Yes plz.

Melf Acid Arrow Graet to finish off Trolls or Interrupt Casters. You dont rly use it for Dmg.

Deafness Decent vs Casters , lots of good lvl 2 spells though.

Aganazarr Scorcher - Nice on a Wand , dont use slots on it.

Knock if your Thief SUCKS.

Stinking Cloud in base game can be usefull , Lvl 2 is very stacked in good and must have defense spells so a skip probably.


Haste Must Have , its AOE , also easy to Dodge many Spells with the Movement Speed. Kensai can also help with this :cohhR:

Invisibility Radius 10 (its rly 20 range) AOE Invis , whats not to love about that. Rly nice for traveling without ambushes. and Starting off a fight after repositioning (Mostly out of combat cast)

Melfs Minute Meteors AMAZING SPELL , it counts as a +5 Weapon Your bread and butter single taget Dmg for Mages and your Kensai b4 he regains his Fighters levels.

Protection From Fire (Fire is by far most Usefull but all are Situational) Must Have on regular Mages and your Kensai :cohhR: can also take fiev to help with Buffing. Basicaly Make party or just frontline , resistant to Fire and Drop Fire Spells on Enemy. (Incindiary Coud , Fire Ball)

Remove Magic Super Usefull to remove enemy buffs, Party Friendly Kensai :cohhR: may also help with this.

SKULL TRAP :cohhR: Must Have a BETTER Fireball cause it does Magic not Fire Damage and Scales much higher (Unless you want Fireballs larger Aoe) we will return to this spell later for a stupid Combo.

Slow Super Usefull Debuff

Vampiric Touch it lasts for an Hour can be very usefull on higher difficulties where Mages die easily. DOnt think you will need it. Its there if you need it though.

Flame Arrow Around lvl 15-20 can be a part of a very nice Combo for Single target.

Spell Thrust And the Magic Chess Begin. Read the Spell , know it exists and what it Disspells so that When a mage Becomes Unkillable through Buffs you have this Option

Detect Illusion Must have Spell , A Better Detect Invisibility that also Disspels Mirror Image.
You might have a Thief with 100 Detect Illusion , if you do you dont need this spell as much.

Dire Charm Can be usefull probably wont have slots for it.

Non Detection Blocks low lvl Divine Spells so that enemies have a hard time dispelling your protections.

Dispel Magic Not Party Friendly Remove Magic , probably stick to remove magic.

Fireball A Larger Aoe , very easily resisted Skull Trap. Skull Trap is better , later you will get wands with 20 casts on it.

Ghost Armor :cohhR: you might use it until you get Spirit Armor a lvl 4 spell thats straight up better.

Hold Person its ok but leave it to your cleric.

Lightning Bolt Can do amazing Dmg if you get lucky with the Bounces. 95% of the time you will kill your own party.

Minor Spell Deflection :cohhR: Absorbs low lvl spells with a cumulative lvl off 4.
dont think you will use this , meaby situationaly.


Greater Mallison Your Bread and Butter , Must Have , Lowers enemies Saves making all other Spells more likely to land and or do more dmg.

Improved Invisibiity :cohhR: :cohhR: :cohhR: Must have, 2nd spell of the Big 3. AC + Saving Throws and Invis. Breat and Butter for a Kensai/Mage but also super important on all other mages

Spirit Armor :cohhR: :cohhR: :cohhR: 3rd Spell from the Big 3 , Must have on Kensai. Those 3 Spells + Stoneskin are what Makes mages the best Tanks.

Stone Skin :cohhR: :cohhR: :cohhR: Must Have on All Mages and ofc your :cohhR: Blocks a number of Physical Dmg Instances.
Your last line of protection. Protects you from getting interrupted from Physical Dmg.

Minor Sequencer :cohhR: Must have on all Mages , allows to store 2 Spells from 2nd level or Lower to be cast Instantly (Great for DMG or Defensively when you get Disspeled mid COmbat) For example Mirror Image + Invisiblity , Mirror Image + Blurr, x2 Web , x2 Magic Missie , x2 Acid Arrow. Now the Super Fun part when you put spells in a sequencer and Rest you will regain your spells and still have the Sequenced spell rdy (You use them from the Ability Menu )

Wizard Eye By Itself not useful that much , When combined with Summons, Similacrum or Project Image Breaks the Game. (super nice to kill beholders)

Emotion Hopelesness its a Sleep spell that still can be used in BG2. (Sleep caps at lvl 5 enemies normally) PRobably wont have slots for it , too many good lvl 4 spells.

Enchant Weapon has its uses.

Pollymorph Other Killing enemies Turned to Squirells MONSTAHHHH cohhEvil. WOuld skip , Might be fun for Stream to watch though.

Pollymorph Self Mustard Jelly has its uses , can solo some Late game Bosses with it. Its a MEME though.

Remove Curse Yea for those instances when you equip a Cool sword and it tells you to Murder your Friends.

Secret Word Untill you get Ruby Ray and SPell Thrust dosent work you need to cast this b4 Spell Thrust.

Telelport Field Fun Spell when stacked, Using it once or twice just to see it is nice. Woudnt use it normally.

Confusion not bad CC , lvl 4 spells are stacked though soo SKIP.

Farsight simmiliar to Wizard Eye , Wizard Eye is just better.


Breach Must have For mages if your low on Mages take atleast one on your Kensai :cohhR: . Disspels a lot of Enemy Buffs. If the enemy has Spell Trap , Spell Shield , Spell Turning or Spell Deflection you cant use Breach on them until all of those 4 are dealt with via other Spells.

Chaos Amazing AOE Confusion CC , must have on Mages.

Cloud Kill Great Aoe , Poison dmg. Very nice to drop this on enemy SpellCasters that arent Undead.

Spell Immunity :cohhR: Must have on All Mages. Makes you immune to a chosen School of Magic (Except for specific Anti protection spells like Breach , Spell Strike etc). Mainly used for the Abjuration School to be immune to most common enemy Dispel Spells and Remove magic.

Spell Shield :cohhR: Must have on all Mages , protects you from almost All of the Specific Spells Spell Immunity Abjuration dosent this + Spell Immunity makes your Buffs very Safe. This protects from a Single Spell , so needs to be Recast if you are struck by any off those Spells. (Spell Thrust , Secret Word , Breach , Lower Resistance , Pierce Magic , Ruby Ray , Pierce Shield , Spell Strike , Khelbern's Warding Whip) Yeap its a lot. "Magic Chess"

Animate Dead Great Spell , BUT , this should be casted by your Clerics (Its a lvl 3 spell for them).

Domination Buffed up Dire Charm , so if you liked that here you have a better version.

Oracle Very Usefull on Rakshahas to Dispell their Illusion Defenses if you dont have lvl 6 Spells yet.

Protection From Acid & Electricity Get scrolls of those for very specific fights (Dragons with respective Breath attacks)

Lower Resistance Must have vs Targets that have Magic Resistance (Flat chance to resist any spell like Drow , Dragons) Its Single Target so mainly used vs Elite Enemies or Bosses/Dragons

Feeblemind In base game this Spell if it lands can Cripple any Elite/Boss Enemy Most of those are very hard to land this on though. Are you Feeling LUCKY COHH ?

Minor Spell Turning It sounds great , but its better to be immune to those spells then to reflect them. Waste of Slot.


Death Spell Great vs Trolls and Summons , Kills them Instantly , Will do wonders vs Mordekaisens Swords.

Improved Haste :cohhR: Must Have , its Single Target but AMAZING on Fighters , You or any mage with Melf Minute Meteors
(It doubles your attacks per round , up to 10 per round)

Misslead Amazing Broken Spell , makes the caster Invisible and sends forth a Clone that casts your Spells for you. Great on Any Mage. Even your Kensai will love having this if you have the slots :cohhR:

Protection from Magical Energy Makes you IMMUNE to Pure magic DMG , like Abidaz Horrid Wilting , the most dangerous/common damage spell on higher lvls.

Protection From Magical Weapons :cohhR: AMAZING on all Mages, Immunity to Weapons that arent non enchanted ... so all weapons in BG2.

TrueSight Must Have on somebody in the party. Dispels each round all Invis and Illusion Magic in the casters visual range.

Contingency Allows you to store a Spell (Based on your lvl) The spell will Trigger by itself based on the Condition you set. Can be usefull , like the Sequencer Spells you can store a spell in it and rest. It stay in effect until it triggers. Good spells to put in this are StoneSkin , Invisibility , Mirror Image , etc.

Death Fog A Fog Death Spell , works on High lvl Summons that Death dosent , except Planetars.

Power Word Silence Can be Super usefull vs Clerics or Mages, if they dont have Vocalize.

Pierce Magic Removes One Spell Protection of 8th lvl or lower and lowers Magic resist. its kinda Secret Word + Lower Resist in one spell. If you dont have lvl 5 spells slots for Lower Resist doing this instead can be nice.

Stone to Flesh Removes Petrification , usefull when needed. If you dont have a certain Shield probably will need this vs Beholders.

Chain Lightning Mehh , wouldnt use it.

Conjure Elemental Spells There are much better summons , would Avoid.

Spell Deflection Same as the lower lvl version , its better to be Immune.

Tensers Transformation a Buff that takes away your ability to cast Magic , NO thx.

Desintegrate Destroys LOOT , THE LOOT , NEVER NEVER cohhLoot

Flesh to Stone Same as Desintegrate.


Mass Invisibility Mass Improved Invisibility , +4 Ac and Saves for Everyone ??? Yes plz.

Mordekainens Sword One of the Best Summons in the Game , immune to a lot of stuff.

Project Image :cohhR: One of the Best Spells in the game. FREEZES the Caster and Copies all his Items , quickslot Items , Spells creating a Copy of him. And the Spells and Abilities , scrolls etc it casts are not used from the Original Caster , but the Project Image Itself. This spell is strong Enough to get BANNED. it Trivializes the game.

Ruby Ray of Reversal more "Chess Magic" , Removes a Single protection spell up lvl 9 , so any protection. In the base game you wont have to use it much , unmodded Mage enemies are Dumb.

Spell Sequencer :cohhR: great on any mage Just like Minor Sequencer but Better(up to lvl 4 spells). For example , x3 Skull Trap , x3 Fire Arrow , x3 Web etc , or Defensively Stone Skin + Mirror Image + Invisibility. Sky is the limit. Ofc this also can be used with Rest.

Limited Wish Summons a Genie that grants a One time or Repeatable Spells , The Repeatable Spells are better , Full Party Heal or Full Party Minor Globe are most usefull. Wish spells get Better the Higher your Wisdom. So if your wisdom is Low drink a Potion b4 using this.

Spell Turning :cohhR: Reflects spells up to a cumulative level of 12. Usefull vs Mages that Spam Breach.

Delayed Blast FireBall A Trap Fireball , can be usefull in the base game.

Khelbens Warding Whip Removes a Single protection up to lvl 8 each round. Can be very usefull at times.

Power Word Stun Usefull vs Spellcasters.

Prismatic Spray Super Rng Spell , Can destroy items so i would avoid it.

Sphere of Chaos Same as above

Cacofiend Powerfull Summon , but it attacks anything , can kill your party just as well as the enemy. Dispite saying Protection from Evil save you from him , it often Dosent. Would avoid unless you want the Stream to have some Fun.

Mantle Immunity to weapons +2 or lower. Enemies will use this you shouldnt.

Protection from Elements almost none enemies attack you with multiple elements so its better to use specific Protection Spells.

Other Summon spells on this level Just use Mordekainens Swords.


Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting :cohhR: :cohhR: :cohhR: Amazing AOE Dmg Spell , party Friendly All mages will want this

Incindiary Cloud The Dmg this Spell does is amazing its Fire though and not party friendly. But if your party is made Fire Immune Whats not to love. It ticks once per round so its nice to Interrupt enemy SpellCasters.

Power Word Blind Small Aoe Blind , can be Very Usefull. Has no saving throw so if the enemy dosent have a spell protection up , he and his nearest comrades are blinded.

Simulacrum :cohhR: Makes a Copy of the Caster at 60% of the Casters level , Copies Items, Quickslot items etc. not OP Tier on regular mages but Amazing on You as a Fighter Mage. Basicaly a 2nd a bit less Powerfull Cohh. If your Using Flail of the Ages this is even more busted.

Spell Trigger :cohhR: Basicaly a Spell Seqencer that can store lvl 6 Spells. I mostly use this for x3 Lower Resist or x3 Cloud Kill. But you can do whatever you want with it rly 🙂 OFc can be used with Rest.

Maze Can take out a single creature out of the Combat for a number of rounds depending on its Inteligence , Good vs Fighters , Fire Giants , Planatars.

Symbol Stun Aoe Stun , what not to love.

Improved Mantle Same as mantle but up to +3

Pierce Shield Secret Word + Lower Resist , meh.

Protection From Energy only 75% and dosent last long , its better to cast Protection from Fire etc + Protection from Magical Energy then this spell. Those last longer and are 100%


Chain Contingency :cohhR: Must have on all mages. Same as Contingency but has more conditions like "on Seeing on Enemy" and can store higher lvl of spells. Examples x 3 Horrid Wiltings , this is the Nuclear Option. But sky is the Limit. using it Offensively is most optimal.

Imprisonment i would not use this Spell cause you lose the items. Its the Ultimate CC though.

SpellStrike Ultimate Spell to destroy Enemies Spell protections , dont think you will need it in the base game though.

Time Stop :cohhR: One of the Best Spells in the game. during the timestop the caster can do anything he wants while the time is frozen. All the attacks and Spells go off the moment Time Stop Ends. Gotta get creative with this Spell , unlimited Possibilities.

Wish :cohhR: want this on all mages You rly want High Wisdom for this spell to have the Best List of Possible Results. Chunk Wisdom Potions b4 using this spell. The possible wishes include , Doing a Full Rest for the Whole party or Improved Haste on All party and many other, Crazy stuff like that

Spell Trap Absorbs an Enemy spell and gives you spell slot based on the Spell absorbed. Its rly good , dunno if you will use this often. Its very strong though.

Black Blade of Disaster :cohhR: On a Fighter mage you will hit rly strong with this spell you do have Flail of Ages though so i dunno if you will use it.

Freedom saves everyone from Imprisonment usefull if you know you will get struck by that spell or maze.


Nehal's Reckless Dwaormer This Spell is WIld Mages greatest Strength but it needs some Setup and some lvls to negate a Bad Wild Surge. It basicaly allows you to cast Any Spell in your spellbook with this lvl 1 spell but it also triggers a SpellSurge. So we need fiev other Special Wild Mage spells to make the result much more likely in our favor.

Chaos Shield Makes it Less LIkely to have Bad Wild Surge , must have.

Improved Chaos Shield Stacks with regular Chaos Shield frm this point you can canst Dwaormer with much much less risk.

ARCANE SPELLS ARE DONE , now HLA's and Divine Spells ;p

HIGH LEVEL ABILITIES for all classes. Some HLA's have PREREQUISITES so ofc take those b4. ( Will Skip Classes you wont be using and are not present in companions)

MAGE HLA's Those are the HLA's your MC will take

Extra Level 6 Spell :cohhR: , Super good lots of good 6 lvl spells

Extra level 7 Spell :cohhR: not as good as lvl 6 we need it for lvl 8 though.

Extra level 8 Spell :cohhR: Lots of good level 8 spells

Improved Alacrity :cohhR: :cohhR: :cohhR: 2nd HLA you should take on ANY mage Amazing to use During Time Stop

Dragons Breath Meh

Summon Planetar / Dark Planetar :cohhR: :cohhR: :cohhR: First HLA all Mages should Take , or you can take this first on one mage and Imp Allacrity on the other and later do the opposite


Whirlind and Greater Whirlind Some people love this , its ok on 2 Handed Users , it prevents you to use another HLA thats much better. If you have Minsc or Keldorn using 2 Handed weapons you might want this.

Deathblow and Greater Deathblow Can be usefull in the base game , i never use it there is a different HLA thats better in my opinion even in base game

Power Attack This is Good , but we mainly take is for Critical Stike

CRITICAL STRIKE Not for your Kensai but Best Offensive HLA a fighter can get. Take it , love it. as a Fighter Mage stick to the Mage HLA's.

Hardiness Best Defensive HLA , you dont need it on Cohh. Spells are what protects you.

Greater Elemental Summoning its ok there are better things, can take it later.

Implosion Best Spell a Cleric will get Through HLA's

Mass Raise Dead the 2nd Best Spell a Cleric will Get through HLA's

Elemental Transformation in the unmodded game those arent that good.


Set Spike Trap AMAZING , Huge DMG , take this after Use any Item

Set Exploding Trap meh

Set Time Trap AMAZING , Time Stop for Thiefs but a bit shorter

Use Any Item Probably first pick on a Thief

Evasion and Greater Evasion Very solid




Armor of Faith Great Spell in BG2, Flat Damage Reduction that gets Better as you level up

Command Great CC in BG1 in BG2 its less usefull

Doom Great Spell to Combine with Greater Malison on the same target for a huge penalty. Its single target so focus on the main Baddy.

Remove Fear Removes and Makes you Immune to Fear , very usefull

Sanctuary This basicaly makes the Cleric invisible

Cure Light Wounds OK Healing , best to use b4 resting.

Sunscorch Nice for the Blind , rarely used though.
ignore the rest of lvl 1 spells ;p


Barkskin If it Boosts your AC take it , when it stops drop it.

Resist Fire and Cold this dosent last enough to be usefull

Slow Poison Very Usefull Spell , some Poision are deadly.

Chant Amazing Buff and Debuf. party of a Sequencer COmbo exclusive to Cleric-Mage multiclasses. Basicaly This, Prayer and Resuscitation. (Dont think all of them are in the main game though)

Hold Person Usefull vs Humanoid Enemies

Draw Upon Unholly Might Super Good on Fighter Clerics , useless on Pure Clerics

Silence 15' Radius Great Spell, a Silence with a -5 Penalty , yes PLZ .If enemy Casters dont have Vocalize they are done.

Cure Moderate Wounds To many good 2 lvl spells for this probably. Its nice if you can fit it.


Call Lightning Great DMG Spell , Jaheira will love it. (Cant be used indoors , there are some exceptions though)

Cure Disease When you need it you need it it also cures Blindness , Deafness and Feeblemind.

Cure Medium Wounds you wont have the slots for this.

Dispel Magic Usefull but Remember it also Disspels the Party , Remove Magic is much Safer. would skip

Invisibility Purge can be USefull to cast this on a cleric/druid and Detect Invis on a mage. In BG2 thiefs will start a fight in stealth , so you detect them with the Mage they will immidiately use a Invis Potion and at this point this will Drop their Invisibility again.

Protection from Fire Use this on your mage , their version lasts much longer

Spike Growth has its Uses

Storm Shell Great Self Buff when you need it.

SUMMON INSECTS This is amazing , all the Insect Spells are Busted. Its main use is to Interrupt Enemy Casters. Probably the best Druid lvl 3 spell.

ANIMATE DEAD Great Summon , gets better the Higher the Caster lvl. Probably best cleric lvl 3 spell.

Exaltation This is Great , Removes and makes you Immune to a LOT of Negative effects , mainly the mind altering ones.

Holy Smite Can be usefull , but the Best Companions in the game are EVIL , like Viconia , Edwin , Korgan. if you happen to not have any evil pary members this is OK-ish , much better 3rd lvl spells to take though.

Prayer This is OK , Chant is better , it stacks with Chant its a party of a Sequencer COmbo exclusive to Cleric-Mage multiclasses. (Dont think this is in the base game) Basicaly This, Chant and Resuscitation.

Remove Curse When you need it you need it

Remove Paralysis Lots of Holds in BG2 , will be usefull semi often.

Zone of Sweet Air Dispells Cloud Effects , usefull. When you need it you need it.

Thats it for Relevant lvl 3 spells.


Call Woodland Beings Nymph is rly nice has mostly usefull Spells , Cure Wounds , Call Lightning etc.

Cure Serious Wounds A meh Heal.

Death Ward When you need this Spell you VERY MUCH need it.

Defensive Harmony This spell dosent last long enough to be usefull. More important Spells in this level.

Negative Plane Protection It dosent Last Long Enough , you need this effect , but not from this spell (Unless you dont have the items that provide it). Save any items you find that have this effect Passively.

Neutralize Poison Slow Poison + Cure Disease + Cure wounds. You dont need it except vs GREATER MUMMIES so slot it when fighting those if not just use the basic spells.

Produce Fire Good vs Trolls , useless otherwise.

Protection from Lightning Lasts a decent amount of time , when you need this resitance its very usefull.

Smashing Wave Very Solid Spell , it targets a Save thats Very Low for 95% enemies in the game. Like this spell. Not sure if this spell is in the main game.

Static Charge Call Lightning but can be used Indoors , great spell. Take it.

Cause Serious Wounds Meh, wont have Slots for it

Cloud of Pestilence Only for Evil Clerics , Great Debuff Cloud Spell

Free Action Nice when you need it. DOnt forget that this dispells Haste.

Holy Power Usefull for Cleric Fighters.

Lesser Restoration When you need it you need it,

Mental Domination Meh

Protection from Evil 10' Radius Super Usefull , last quite Long. Nice Buff/Debuff

Recucitation part of a Sequencer COmbo exclusive to Cleric-Mage multiclasses. Basicaly Prayer, Chant and this. (Dont think its in the base game)


Chaotic Commands Makes you Immune to Magical Command Spells , read the list, its Amazing.

Cure Critical Wounds not Good , you need 5th lvl slots for better spells.

Insect Plague One of the BEST SPELLS in the entire game and you get an even better version later. The Spell targets a Single creature and upon Impact SPREADS to nearby enemies. This spell is AMAZING.
This is the Most Nerfed Spell in SCS and other Mods , you get to play the not Nerfed Version , ENJOY.

Iron Skins Stone Skin for Druid. Take it , Love it.

Magic Resistance gives the target Magic Resistance up to 40% , i dont rly use it some people Swear by it.

Mass Cure meh

True Seeing DIsspels Illusions and Invisibilities each round. Great spell.

Divine Protection Immunity to DAMAGE , selfcast , Amazing.

Flame Strike Very Solid Damage Spell for a Cleric , you wont have spellslots for this early but lategame SoA and ToB you get to use it a bit.

Greater Command Can be usefull you will probably be short on spellslots for this.

Raise Dead I mean it will be usefull , having one prepared just in case isnt a bad idea.
you will probably reload bad fights though soo will be useless then.

Rightheous Magic Amazing for Fighter Cleric , useless for regular clerics.

Rightheous Wrath of the Faithfull Great Buff used alongside Chant , Prayer and Recustitation for a Massive boost to the party. Not sure this spell is in the base game.


Spiritual Lock Feeblemind for Clerics , meh we have better spells to get on this lvl.

Conjure Animals Very good Druid Summon. not sure its in the base game , if not take the next summon on the list

Conjure Fire Elemental In the Base game this Summon is Very Good for druids if you dont have Conjure Animals.

Delorous Decay Very solid Slow Debuff for Strong Enemies.

Entropy Shield Amazing Spell , dont think its in the main game though.

Harm I dont remember what version off the spell is in the main game. If its the version that Brings the Target to 1 HP its Amazing if it lands. If it misses its useless though.

Heal Very Solid Single target Healing. :cohhDerp:

Wonderous Reall Super usefull to get back lvl 5 spells. Cast Iron skin and Insect Plague and then this and you get both lvl 5 spells back. As a druid in the base game you probably want only Conjure Animals or Fire Elemental and Wonderous Recall eventualy Heal also.

Bolt of Glory Very usefull vs Demi Liches , useless for rest of the game. (Demi Liches dont have a lot of hp but Lots of spell protections and this pierces it)

False Dawn Very Soid if it works , not sure what version was in the base game.

Spiritual Wrath Great spell for Custom Paraties , very hard to use with regular companions. Most people will never use this.


CREEPING DOOM A Stronger Insect Plague , Yes a stronger Version of one of the most Powerfull and most Nerfed spells in the game. Take it , Love it. Its Disgusting.

Imprevious Sanctity of Mind Amazing Spell , Long lasting Magical protection for clerics ? Yes Plz. Not sure if its in the base game.

Natures Beauty Solid Spell if it works.

Regeneration Can be Good on Core difficulty. Can keep your tank Alive if he dosent take to much dmg per round.

Shield of the Archons Spell Absorption for Clerics , Yes plz.

Greater Restoration Great Heal.

Resurrection Raise Dead with full HP , without buffs , just use Raise Dead after combat. Or more likely , Reload.

Symbol Stun AOE Stun at a -4 Penalty , quite usefull,


PS: Did not play unmodded game for many many years so if I do list some spells here that dont apply to your unmodded game its been done so that all the viewers who try Mods like SCS , Ascension etc will have a point of reference. The Arcane Section should be mostly free of those , quite a fiev are in the Divine section though. I Tried to point them out but might have missed some. Just ignore them if they dont apply to your game.

Ignored base game spells that are plain bad. Might have missed some Moded spells like the Emotion Spells etc. There is a chance ill add all the moded Spells into this "guide".

FOR a COMPLETE and Thorough Overview off All Spells , Classes , Companions etc. Check out Davaeorn on youtube/twitch/discord. Allmost everything i learned was from that guy.

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