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Sat Feb 15, 2014 1:13 pm

I really hope i can get a job again, i lost it at no fault. I really really wish i could play this now XD. Im trying to hopefully win it in the stream. to the people who are winning the keys tell me how it is :)
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Sun Mar 02, 2014 4:37 pm

(Hope you are talking about EQN:Landmark?)

Well Killerkorn2010, Beta is right around the corner (Omeed stated they are still standing by the March 31st date last night). At that point, there will be TONS of beta keys out there. Do know though, all those beta keys are only good for "one week." After a week you'll have to get another key or pay to play. The pack at that point, the cheapest one, will be only $20 too, for permanent access through out beta and beyond. That's not really too bad, even with no good sources of income. I also have a feeling there might be a bunch of those given away once time rolls around, after all, you can give 5 of those away for the same price as one of the most expensive packs.

So worry not, Beta isn't too far off. After that, when the game goes live, it'll be free-to-play.
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