Portainer behind Nginx reverse proxy for local use

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Sun Jun 19, 2022 11:12 am

Afternoon lads!

As a hobby I'm messing around with some Raspberry Pis and trying to host multiple webpages from different packages. Introduce Docker! And then I recently found out that to host multiple containers as a webpage a reverse proxy is advised. So I tried putting Portainer (a docker manager) behind a Nginx reverse proxy. But the examples (https://docs.portainer.io/advanced/reverse-proxy/nginx) all speak of "portainer.yourdomain.com" but I only want it locally. I don't have a domain. I don't want a domain. I want a local-only approachable webpage with all my webpage-serving-containers on different subdirectories.

The issue I had before that was that I can only approach portainer from another computer if I specify the ":9443" port after the "" URL to connect to it locally. And everything else the same way (unless it was directly wired to port "80" or "443" (for https)).

I am also looking at this page to help manage my pihole:
https://github.com/pi-hole/docker-pi-ho ... -proxy.yml

My question is how do I get the preferable outcome: "http(s)://", along side: "http(s)://", and so on?


PS: I'm running a Pi 4 with the latest Raspberry Pi OS 64 Bit
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