Tokens and You

Here you'll find information, rules, and other helpful info to help you become a part of the Cohhmunity
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How to earn tokens: You earn 1 token every 15 minutes when you are in the channel while the stream is live. When Cohh's main channel is offline you earn 1 token every hour. The second channel earns tokens at the rate of 1 per 15 minutes when he's live but no tokens when he's not. You cannot earn tokens in a channel that is offline while the other is live.

Can mobile users earn tokens? Yup!

How to check tokens: Log into the website by connecting with Twitch. When you are logged in, you can find the tokens on the top right of the page; you will see your Working Tokens and Lifetime Tokens.

You can also check your tokens by looking below the stream video for a panel showing your tokens and/or giveaways that are currently open.

Working and Lifetime tokens: Lifetime tokens are a track of the amount of tokens you have ever earned, they are never removed. Working tokens are used to spend on things!

What are tokens for?
Current uses for tokens:
-Giveaways: Some giveaways have a token requirement in order to be entered and win. Your token count is CHECKED by the bot but the tokens are NOT removed. You do NOT earn tokens for giving away games. We want people to donate games for the benefit of the community, not for personal gain.

-Server/Guild space: Some of the games that Cohh plays are multiplayer, and that means you can play with him! These games can sometimes have limited server spots, guild space, or the server is private to prevent hackers and the like from joining. To join these you will need a high amount of tokens or be subbed here or on Twitch and have a fair amount of tokens (such as 1000 tokens without a sub or 250 with a sub). Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is the best way to have community members play with Cohh.

-Teamspeak room: Get your own room in the Cohhilition Teamspeak! ( Cost: 3500 Tokens (this IS removed from your working token count)

-Personal Bot Command: Get your very own bot command in the channel! It can say whatever you would like so long as it follows the channel rules. Cost: 2500 Tokens (this IS removed from your working token count)

-Custom Welcome: The bot will send a custom welcome message for you once per day when you enter the channel. Cost: 5000 Tokens (this IS removed from your working token count)

More uses for tokens are coming soon!
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