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Wed Jul 31, 2019 5:00 pm


I am a spanish med school student in my last year (hopefully), that got gifted a sub (THANK YOU COH!!!!!), even though i would have loved to sub myself if I could right now.

My favorite games are Everquest, Battle Brothers, XCOM 1 and 2, Darkest Dungeon.

I actually played Everquest many years ago from the start of EQ in the Povar server (as a bard), and now played in a new POP time limited TLP server with many new ( 40+ yo LUL) friends for a couple of years in my most favorite class ever, the Bard class (there is nothing more unique to this class in this game ever, in many years I have never found a most distinguished class, and I searched many MMOS for it I swear).

Cohh's previews on Pantheon were linked to my guild once I saw them, and we are really greatful for it, personally I really look forward to it since it seems they are trying to keep a lot of the classic EQ spirit in (even if that abhorrent Bard class that can never be found anywhere else cannot be found again).

Cheers, sorry it became an EQ story xD
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