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Here you'll find information, rules, and other helpful info to help you become a part of the Cohhmunity
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Welcome to the Cohh FAQ!
Where’d my username come from?
It's a spelling variant of a traditional Hawaiian(?) name of a friend from Hawaii. His name was "Ko", which I later learned was a traditional Hawaiian name. It always stuck with me as an interesting name, as I'd never heard anything like it before that time. I didn't really think about it and a couple years went by. Around the time I started Everquest 1, I needed to make a new name. Something that I knew I'd use for a long time. After playing around with the spelling and length requirements (4 letters), I came up with the name "Cohh". I've been using it ever since

Personal life
First name : Ben

Age : 33 (21 with 12 levels of undistributed experience)

Location : Live near Durham, North Carolina, USA

Wife : Laina is my Wife! We met at school in 2002 and been together since.

Daytime job

My 4-year challenge is complete and I am now an EVERYDAY STREAMER! I will be on every day of the week from 8am EDT to at least noon most days; no challenges and no streaks, just every day streaming. I WILL get 12 days off a year (for family, vacation, etc) but will give far notice in advance. Thanks for making my dream a reality!

Education/Work Experiences
I've studied Game Design at Full Sail University - but because streaming took off, I stopped after 2 years. I plan on eventually taking the last year or so of coursework for a degree in the future.
Before that, I've worked in a LOT of different jobs - I've been an electro-DJ and music producer on the East Coast, last few was in IT support.
Laina works as an Animal Keeper at Museum, taking care of LOTS of critters every day - from monkeys to woodchucks and loving it!

What's that sound/furry tail in the corner of the webcam/barking in the background?
We have a LOT of animals in and around the house : 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 chickens, 2 parakeets & a bearded dragon.
Laina also has Sunny, her lovely horse at the stables where she trains him using the Parelli method.
Hardware / Setup
What's your gaming pc specs like?
:Intel Core i7-5960X Haswell-E 8-Core 3.0GHz LGA 2011-v3 140W
Motherboard : Asus X-99 Deluxe
RAM : 4x G-skill ripjaw 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz
SSD : 2x Intel 730 SERIES 480 GB SSD in raid 0
HDD : None for now
PSU : SilverStone ATX12V/EPS12V 1000W Silver Modular PFC Power Supply
Cooling: Antec Kuhler H2O 920 Liquid CPU Cooler System
Case : Custom Mach V built by Falcon Northwest
Drive: Asus Black 12X BD-ROM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM SATA Internal Blu-Ray Drive
Monitors : ASUS 24" VG248QE Black 144Hz FullHD + 2x22" ASUS FullHD
Sound Input : Razer Seirēn microphone
Webcam : Logitech C920
Input Devices : Razer DeathStalker keyboard + Razer DeathAdder mouse OR Razer Naga mouse - All resting on a Razer Goliath mouse & keyboardpad
Software : Windows 8.1 x64

What are the specs for the streaming pc?
: Intel I7 5820K
MotherBoard: MSI X99S GAMING 7
Cooling: AVC K7127n 120MM Liquid Cooler
Case: Black/Red iBUYPOWER Noctis N450 Full Tower
Hard Drive: Seagate 4TB HD
SSD: 240GB Kingston SSD
Ram: G.Skill RIPJAWS4 8GB DDR4 x 4
PSU: ThermalTake 750W PSU
OS: Windows 8.1

Cohh is using Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth and Razer Mamba tournament edition.
This is how it ALL looks like - in action:
What consoles do you have besides PC?
PS3, PS4, WiiU, Xbox360, and XBoxOne

Streaming Questions + Guides
When did you start streaming?
April 4th 2013

What type of games do you stream?
New releases, community games and classics. Also we have a focus on "Franchise playthroughs" where we play all the games in a series (Witcher, Fallout, Deus Ex, Dragon Age, etc)

How long did it take until you got your sub button?
September 4th 2013

What is your highest sub train?
1081 occurred on 1st of March 2017

I'm starting up streaming, how do I get followers/partner/viewers/content/all the things?
Streaming podcast

How do I to setup OBS, Greenscreen & sound?
Green Screen

What kind of tricks/plugins do you use
All of my software (Donations, overlays, website, bots, etc) are done in-house by Tech Team 6 (cohhTT6). Tech Team 6 includes Rodr1c, BarryCarlyon, Triwar, PropidationDannyB, Kimen91 & occasional guest artists/programmers.

There are MULTIPLE youtube vids on how to setup SubAlert / DonationTracker just search :)

How do I setup X, remove static from Y, monetize Z?
If you research the subject yourself on various forums & help sites, chances are you will learn a lot of OTHER useful things aswell.
If you plan on streaming, I encourage you to learn EVERYTHING about the technicalities of things, because it's hard work to make it look easy and flow smoothly during the stream.
Better to teach a streamer that s/he should use help forums/google than fix that ONE problem, but leave the streamer helpless for the next 10!

How much money do you make?
I can't discuss the specifics of how much money I make from streaming on Twitch, as part of my contract with them.
I will however say that lately (spring 2014), I am around par compared to my old IT tech/support job, but it fluctuates constantly.

How can I join The Cohhilition Streaming Group?
Read more here.

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Channel FAQ
What are the rules of the channel?
The full forum post can be found here
We like to keep it as respectful and mature as possible here on the CohhCarnage channel.
1. No racist, homophobic, or otherwise socially derogatory words.

2. We try to keep the stream language "clean" and PG-16. PG16 basically means no F-bombs, racial slurs, homophobic slurs or insanely gruesome/grotesque terminology. PG16 basically means act like you're talking to a co-worker around the water cooler in a polite workplace.

3. Please attempt to be courteous, helpful, and respectful as much as possible.

4. Do not spam the channel unnecessarily, or with capital letters. Cohh tries to read and respond to as many comments as possible, and it becomes much harder when the questions are being spammed off my screen! :D

5. Please respect and understand that even though we have many giveaways in the channel and a remarkably large amount of generous community members, we ask that those participating do not ask for/request giveaways or games from other members of our channel. The giveaways are a bonus; not a purpose.

6. Do not post Steam/Origin game keys in the twitch chat. If you want to give a game away, ask for a moderator in chat.

7. Do not spam commands, especially !enter and !claim. Repeated violations may lead you being timed out and missing a giveaway.

8. Links are welcome here in the chat if it is helpful and relevant. Please have accompanying text with the link and try not to use shortened and very long links. No random Strawpolls please. Referral links are not allowed.

9. Cohh loves interacting with chat & viewers, so please try to keep conversations in English! Thanks for understanding.

Do you answer Twitch private messages?
No, if you have any business related questions please email

I also ask that you try to keep the majority of questions and comments in Twitch chat during normal streaming hours.
Thanks for understanding!

I want to help out, how do I become a Moderator?
Stick around, enjoy the channel, be a polite and helpful part of the Cohhmunity and I and the mods will notice you.

Sometimes I will need mods at a certain timeslot that not a lot of the other mods are here for and I might ask in stream for possible applicants.

At other times frequent visitors that fulfill the criteria might get a little inquiry via Twitch msg from Ashardis about your availability and whether being a mod is for you.

I'll finish off by saying this : It's fine to ask about becoming a mod once or twice in a polite manner, but repeated "not so subtle hints" or any aggressive behaviour about this will pretty much disqualify you on the spot.

Is there a way to support me outside of the Twitch channel?
I can be supported directly via donations, subbing to the website and by you buying things from my partners!

You can subscribe to the Cohhilition website and gain a LOT of benefits

Donate directly here

Amazon - click here and for 24hrs, everything you buy on supports me.

Razer - Gaming peripherals.

The Cohhilition Fanshop - tshirts, mugs, other things with Cohh-related Art on it!

I have a gift for you - where should I send it?
If you want to send Cohh some stuff, Cohh's PO Box info: Cohh Carnage, P.O.Box 71479, Durham NC, 27722 - Please be sure to MESSAGE COHH if you are sending something!

Can I donate a game to Cohh to play?
Yes, Cohh does accept game donations for playing, but please understand he may not be able to play it at a specific time. If donating a game to be played at a specific time, please verify with Cohh that this will be doable before donating the game.

Will you please endorse my charity/promote my event/consider making a charity stream for X?
I appreciate the offers to assist you with your venture, but to be fair to everyone, I'll issue a blanket "No thank you" to these requests.
I wish you the best in your endeavors. Thanks for inquiring.
I might, by my own initiative, give some charities or promotions a shoutout but this is by personal discretion.

If there are more questions you would like answered that you think would be of general interest, pls ask them below and I and the mods will answer/update the FAQ as needed!