Private Server Idea - Training Ground

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Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:08 pm

When they're available, I'd love to either set up a private server, or join one that's set up, to be a training ground of sorts.

What I want to do with it is set up custom scenarios and mini-missions as practice runs - so groups can try new tactics or learn to pilot ships without the worry of losing items or dying in the Persistent Universe.

Obviously the DogFighting Module (and arena mode) can be used to practice regular space combat, but some specific things might be difficult to replicate. Imagine coordinating with a small group to get really skilled at capturing Vanduul vessels, and then actually capturing them in the Persistent Universe and selling them to other players for profit. Think of being able to practice boarding actions against larger vessels or even practicing larger scale capital ship combat. There might even be a way to experiment with the economic system and how different actions might affect the Persistent Universe economy as well.

Obviously we have no idea yet how things will be set up exactly for private servers. We pretty much just known that they'll be available, easy to mod, and distinctly separate from the Persistent Universe. Ideally we could do something like script an NPC to give a repeating mission that spawns Vanduul fighters in an instance for the group that joins.

Anyone have any thoughts on what they'd like to see in a private server or what they'd do with one?
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Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:54 pm

I love this idea!!!

And I think the only restrictions that I've heard is that you won't be allowed the FULL universe experience from the PU.. but since they allow mods, there will probably be a lot of ppl who keep it updated - Also the number of people in one private server WILL be limited.

What those limits are? To Be Determined.. (or "REDACTED" in WH-lingo!)

------------------------------------------------ SINGLE PLAYER ------------------------------------------------
Free Flight Mode - I would also love to just be able to fly around in ALL the ships and test out configs for PU use..

Deathmatch mode - pick any ship as opponent, crewed by AI and fly your own ship against it.

EVA Ops I - Getting into spacesuit/out of the ship/do basic EVA actions on a damaged ship.

Large Vessel Ops I - Fighting in all the various stations in the larger vessels. Spawn a 4-10 seater player starship and NPC crewmen + 1 enemy figther.

------------------------------------------------ MULTIPLAYER ------------------------------------------------

Flight Ops Training I - With some AI opponents, we could practice smaller flight-level operations (2-4 starships) or more, depending on server/#player restrictions!

Flight Ops Training II - If more players are allowed, we can run Player-piloted Flight-vs-Flight scenarios up to Squadron-vs-Squadron operations to improve our tactics!

Boarding Ops Training I - Spawn a damaged NPC vessel with an angry NPC pilot. You fly up to it, practice getting out and over.. as well as fighting the pilot FPS-mode!

Boarding Ops Training II - Spawn a damaged NPC vessel with a Player pilot. Another player flies up to it, practices getting out and over.. as well as fighting the pilot FPS-mode!

Boarding Ops Training III - Spawn a larger damaged NPC vessel with multiple angry NPC crew. Flight-level player unit flies up to and coordinates breaching/boarding/takeover ops.

Large Vessel Ops II - Multiple players crew a larger vessel, man remaining stations with NPC - spawn NPC enemies

Large Vessel Ops III - Multiple players crew a larger vessel, man remaining stations with NPC, Flight-lvl players in smaller spaceships - spawn NPC enemies.

Large Vessel Ops IV - 1 player in larger vessel, multiple player controlled flights needing coordination from the Fighter Allocator station on the larger vessel - spawn waves of enemies to train the Allocator as well as fighter pilot skills (like Flight Ops I).

.. that's just some of my thinking for now :)
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Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:19 pm

Just thought of another one - getting components for ships to test different configurations without having to buy them in PU. One thought would be testing out the heat signature or stealth capabilities for a configuration, seeing how parts interact and basing purchasing decisions off of actual experience rather than guesswork.

That could fit well in the freeflight and deathmatch modes - seeing what a reasonable detection radius would be for AI opponents.
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