Diablo 3, Malthael leech on PS4, for rifting

Post here if you are looking for people to play with or want to schedule a time to play a game
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Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:18 pm

Hey guys!

My PC broke recently and I cant afford getting a new one. That means I've got to play on my PS4 from now on. I dont own many games there, but I do own Diablo 3, ultimate edition. Thing is, I do want to play D3, but I dont want to play the entire campaign again, I want to *rift*.

Sadly, it's a fresh account I start playing on PS4 with, so I cant do *anything* except for campaign, unless I join in on someone who's further down the game than me. So, I'm looking for someone who has the ability to start a game on PS4, let me join and kill Malthael for me.

I would be SO happy if anyone want to do this for me. I really dont want to spend time to grind the campaign all over again, I want to spend all that time to play rifts.
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