Any plans for Full (edited) VODs on YouTube?

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Wed Oct 26, 2022 3:10 pm


I'm from the YouTube fan base mostly as I don't get a chance to watch Live most days and only certain games/type of games interest me (RimWorld being one of them).

I used to full time sub to the channel so I could watch the VODs as I'm West coast and usually want to start watching right after the morning stream ends.

Now though, if i start watching the VOD on Twitch I get part way through before it gets removed. Then I have to wait for the YouTube uploads to hit, but I'm already most of the way through the VOD, so lots of waiting, plus the resolution starts out crappy (just how YouTube works) for a couple hours while everything loads in, and then, because the VOD gets broken into 30 min chunks, that's multiple videos to wait for. Not to mention the auto play order is usually out of whack for a few days sometimes (like just now I'm watching the biotech RimWorld from this morning (10/26) and episode 27 autoplays to episode 30. stuff like that. I'd like to just have the whole thing play in the background while I'm working without having to check the episode order every 30 minutes. :cohhFeels:

I understand the reasoning for the 30 min episodes and being able to edit out stuff that can't go on YouTube etc (you can still cut that stuff out of the full VOD).

Anyways, I think a lot of people might enjoy watching the long form videos. (I personally will sit and watch Critical Role, for example, every week - sometimes multiple times - and those are 4-6 hour videos)

Maybe instead of a "Shorts" channel (is that still a thing?) make it a long-form channel. Just a thought. Still love the channel and all the content Cohh does. :cohhGG:

Alternately, maybe just leave the VODs on Twitch for at least a day before taking them down, that way all the YouTube stuff is up and running. :cohhNani:


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(Apologies if this is a request that's already been made, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything)
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