Have you considered using a teleprompter with chat?

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Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:23 pm

:cohhWaii: Hi Cohh!

I noticed when you talk to chat we see you looking to your right/our left instead of at the camera. If that's how you prefer it, that's fine, nevermind but it's not hard to create your own teleprompter with a wooden box and a square piece of glass or a cardboard box and a square piece of acrylic as the reflector.

Mount the reflector in the box at a 45 degree angle, mount your webcam behind the reflector and put your chat monitor under it with the image upside down and reverse. If the camera is too obvious through the reflector, you can either use a darkened piece of glass or acrylic, or apply some darkening window film to the back of the reflector, or paint the inside of the box flat black and/or mount a dark piece of fabric that the camera can see through between it and the reflector.

Then, when you talk to chat, we see you looking at us. :cohhDerp:
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