Looking for build: Necro from 1 year ago, SSF Standard, full reset

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Hi all, :cohhBoop: :cohhGV:

I recently got the urge to go back to PoE for a while. I don't get to play for more than a few hours a week (if that). I've got a Necromancer at lvl 74 (99 skill points) left over from a year or two ago. She's technically not SSF, but I play as SSF in that I don't bother with trading. She has one full skill reset. I have no idea what I went for with the thieves.

So, if anybody posts a link to a nice, fun SSF standard league necro build that can be played at a leisurely pace, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks! :cohhGV: :cohhGV: :cohhMVP:
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