Final Fantasy 14 Rules and Infos

Rules & schedules will be posted here
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These rules apply to the streaming chat channel, as well as the forums, Discord channel and the Final fantasy 14 free company chat.

1. Any talk about 3 party programs used for FF 14 (macros/Shaders/mods) is NOT allowed unless those programs are explicitly allowed by the TOS (not someone of the dev team saying "we don't care if you use it) as every program not allowed by the TOS is against TOS.

2. Do not talk about any kind of spoilers (Boss names, chars that appear or return MSQ plots). We have a dedicated discord channel for those.
(If you need help with a duty post the duty name not boss name or better link the quest ingame. Quests display as "Quest:???" for people that didn't clear it yet. For mechanics talk use the duty name, not boss names.)
2.1 THINK BEFOR POSTING THE DUTY NAMES if they imply spoilers dont post duty names. Press J then Complete and look up the duty quest and link that.(yes its annoying to do but Only way to not spoil stuff.)
2.2 Do not talk about anything that happens on the live stream as not everyone is as far as Cohh and some don't even watch Cohh to prevent spoilers.

3. ALL twitch channel rules apply to the ingame Free company chat as well.

Here are a few Infos regarding the FC:

1. To join the Cohhmunity FC In Final Fantasy XIV you will need a cohhSub and have 500 tokens or have 2000 tokens without a sub. Check and apply in the Extension below the stream (Clans, Servers and Groups), or at

2. DO NOT whisper Kleinnix or any mod ingame, Discord or on Twitch asking for an invite.
2.1 Do not ask for application updates or if there are free spots in the fc.

3. Please add your short msg to the Free Company ingame (Free Company window (ü or ; )>members>short msg>pencil>add Twitch name)

4.0 We have a Mentor rank in-game. To get the rank you need the following:
4.1. Have min 2 level 80 jobs and finished the MSQ or finished MSQ and be crafting mentors.
4.2.Want to help and answer people that have questions in-game.
4.3.Are ok with people sending you tells to ask something.
Send Kleinnix a tell on Discord with your in-game char name (you need to be in the FC already) or send Kleinnix Shyblood a tell in-game.

5. We have a Sapling rank in-game that everyone that has added his short message to the FC 60 days ago gets; please don't ask about getting it.

6. To see the FInal fantasy XIV channels in discord type /roles in any channel and add the FFXIV role to yourself.

Note: Rules subject to change in the future as the channel staff see's fit.