Coh's Dual PC setup

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Hello! Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching for it, but does Coh have a guide on his 2 PC stream setup? I'd love to see how he does it, he has one of the smoothest and best quality streams I've seen, would love to know how he has consoles added to that set-up too!

Yours kindly Phe,
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The broadest way to say it is that

PC 1 (gaming) outputs video on HDMI

And that HDMI goes into a splitter.
One output goes to a monitor
And the other output goes to a capture card in the streaming PC.

So capturing dual PC setup is the exact say as how you would capture a console.

it's all HDMI from one place to a capture card in the streaming PC. (optional switcher to switch inptus rather than hot plugging cables)
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