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On January 16th, 2019, the Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen developers released their January newsletter. Here is the newsletter's introduction with accompanying links and my own short following summary.

Kicking Off the New Year in Style in our January Newsletter
Posted date / 01.16.19
"We kick off the new year in epic fashion as our newly expanded team returns from the holiday season refreshed, renewed and resolute on making 2019 our best year ever. The January Newsletter features an outstanding interview with one of our newest members - Lead Animator Ross Armstrong.

We follow that up with a return to the compelling lore of Pantheon in The One Between the Winds Pt II [here's The One Between the Winds Pt I].

Game Producer Ben Dean is back with a new Producer’s Letter, where he recaps some of the highlights of 2018 and looks to what’s on the horizon for 2019.

And, as is tradition, we end our newsletter with our favorite feature; the Community Spotlight - where we meet Chris Kane, who is still mulling over his in-game name! Let's Go!"
There wasn't much reported development in Pantheon since their last December newsletter, possibly because of holidays.

If you want to read about an elite combatant elf negotiating a deal with storm elementals, read The One Between the Winds Pt I. If you want to read about an elf mage descending great mountains and summoning a familiar winged creature, read the follow up The One Between the Winds Pt II.

The One Between the Winds Pt II has some interesting concept art of a new zone called Faerthale, an elvish land of eternal autumn.
Look forward to the Pantheon developer's February newsletter coming in about a week! If you'd like to chat with other interested Pantheon fans, check out the Pantheon discord.

Or... If you would like to chat with other Cohhilition members about Pantheon, send me a message! I'd love to get together a Cohhilition Pantheon group this early before launch, either to talk about recent news or make friends prior to launch. Personally, I am working hard to accrue enough tokens so I can get an invite to the eventually official Pantheon Cohhilition in-game guild. There are usually Cohhilition groups in game that require tokens to join (~5000 Twitch sub, ~15000 non-sub).

Have a good day! :cohhGV:
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