List of stuff to get before Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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So, you want to get up to date for Iceborne? Look no further everything you need is here!

Table of Contents:
1. Armor and weapons
2. Palico gadgets
3.Upgrade quests
8.Current events with rewards

1. Armor and weapons

In a recent update MHW got a new 'Defender a' armor to help people go through the base game faster. You can buy

it in the shop, left of the Smithy NPC for a total of 1500z

Defender weapons were also added. Each type costs in total 20600z to fully upgrade, and those materials:
I - 1 Iron ore
II - 1 Anjanath scale
III - 1 Commendation (You can get it from Zorah or Kirin quest)
IV - 1 Pink Rathian Scale + (High Rank mat.)
V - Immortal Dragonscale (HR Nergigante common drop)

For example the fully upgraded Switch Axe has:
Attack: 770
Sharpness: White
Affinity: 0%
Element: Blast 300
Power Phial
And 2 Augmentations slots

2. Palico gadgets

In Iceborne, the Palico gets a couple new gadgets, and the old ones get an upgrade. For example with the

Vigorwasp Spray, your Palico can revive you without using a faint.

In order to get the base game gadgets you need to:

2.1 Flashyfly Cage: on top of the Ancient Forest, on the vine bridges part near the Rathalos nest you will find

a lone Grimalkyne, follow him to their camp (west from your camp in area 17).

2.2 Shieldspire: In Wildspire Waste go to Area 8, and fall down the hole up north where the ants are going into

(Has a Herb plant near it). You'll fall into area 15, move to the northern part of it, and talk to the Grimalkyne to

get a quest to capture 3 of his friends. You will catch them with the Capture Net while crouching. They are in areas 7,

10, 11. Go back to area 15 to get the gadget.

2.3 Plunderblade: Get a Raw Meat, then go to the Rotten Vale. Go to Area 13 and talk to the Lynian Researcher.

Hide there and wait for an Odogaron dragging a carcass, after he leaves a Grimalkyne will come out. Scare him off,and

chase him to Area 15. There leave the Raw Meat in near the 'water' at the end of this Area. Hide for a bit for the

Grimalkynes to come out, and talk to them.

2.4 Coral Orchestra: Coral Highlands Area 10, you will find 3 Grimialkynes riding Shamos, after that go their

camp in the east part of Area 11 (through the waterfall), and talk to them to get a quest called "Troubled Troupers" to

hunt 2 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku's. After you finish it go back for the gadget.

2.5 Meowlotov Cocktail: First you need to get all the previous gadgets. In Astera talk to the Lynian Researcher

on the left near the big horn and the book mountain. He will ask you to find Gajalaka doodles in Elder's Recess, when

you have enough talk to him back in Astera. Get your Ghillie mantle and travel to Elder's Recess during the night. Go

to Area 8 and talk to the researcher, and go through the area to the east. Remember Snake this is a sneaking mission.

PS: Through the Gajalaka area you will find a campsite in Area 16

3. Upgrade quests

3.1 Botanical Research

Harvest Box upgrades: Deliver: 2x Aqua Sac (LR Jyuratodus) + 300pts.
Deliver: 1x Torrent Sac (HR Jyuratodus) + 1000pts.

Culture Slots: 4 star quest "Persistent Pests" Slay 14 Hornetaur in Rotten Vale
7 star quest "Talons of Ire and Ice" Slay Legiana and Odogaron in Coral Highlands

New stuff to cultivate: 3 star quest "Prickly Predicament" Deliver 20 Bauble Cactuses
4 star quest "Royal Relocation" Hunt a Rathian

3.2 Canteen: The Canteen is upgraded through the game. In order to get more ingredients there are different

things you can do:
- find them in the wild, some are rare and show up in specific locations.
- from delivery quests from NPC's in Astera and expeditions.
- optonal quests. In the descripton of the quest bottom right, it says if it unlocks an ingredient.

4. Mantles

Mantles also get an upgrade in Iceborne. You will be able to put decorations in them, after you'll get the +


To get all the mantles you need to:
-Apothecary: Fully research 10 monsters, and beat 8 star quest "A Portent Disaster" slay a Kushala Daora
-Bandit: 5 star quest "Redefining the Power Couple" hunt a Rathian and a Rathalos
-Challenger: 7 star quest "The Red and Blue Crew" hunt a Rathalos and Azure Rathalos
-Dragonproof: HR 13 7 star quest: "The Food Chain Dominator" hunt a Deviljho
-Evasion: hunt 7 unique Lv.2 tempered monsters, and the 9 star quest "New World Sky, New World Fower" hunt a

Pink Rathian and Azure Rathalos, both tempered in Arena.
-Fireproof: 7 star quest "A Fiery Convergence" hunt a Lavasioth and Uragaan
-Iceproof: delivery "Bounty: Armory R&D: Weatherizing" 3x Paolumu Pelt+, 1x Paolumu Wing
-Immunity: Fully research 15 large monsters, and beat 8 star quest "A Blaze in the Sand" slay a Teostra
-Impact: hunt 5 unique lv.1 tempered monsters, and the 9 star quest "Showdown: The Muck and the Maul" hunt a

Barroth and Radobaan both tempered in Arena.
-Rocksteady: HR 50, slay 3 different Elder Dragons and a 9 star quest "A Summons from Below" tempered Vaal

Hazak and Odogaron
-Thunderproof: 5 star quest "Gone in a Flash" slay a Kirin
-Waterproof: delivery "Bounty: Armory R&D: Waterproofing" 3x Jyuratodus Scale+, 1x Jyuratodus Fin+
-Temporal:HR 16 complete 7star "The Food Chain Dominator" Deviljho, 8star "The Blazing Sun" Teostra, 8 star

"Pandora's Arena" Lunastra, and a Special Assignment "No Remorse, No Surrender" both Teostra, and Lunastra

-Ghillie, Glider and Vitality mantles are unlocked through the main story

5. Boosters

-Affinity: complete ALL optional quests, and talk to the Third Fleet Leader in Research Base
-Cleanser: 4 star quest "On Nightmare's Wings" slay 5 Rephinos
-Health: Main Story "One for the History Books" a Zorah Magdaros quest

6. Behemoth

Behemoth is the biggest challenge in MHW best done with a group. To start, talk to the Serious Handler in

Astera, and beat the quest "A Visitor From Another World" (not writing what happens, but good luck), after which you

will get the Special Assignment for Behemoth.

Behemoth's Drachen armor, is pretty much the best one in vanilla MHW. You can also build a Insect Glaive called

Gae Bolg, and upgrade it.

7. Witcher quest

To start it, first you need to get the Meowlotov Cocktail (see part 2 above), after which start a Special

Assignment "Trouble in the Ancient Forest"

I won't spoil the quest, but take some Lifepowders if you want to "100%" it to get a Attack Jewel

8. Current events with rewards

8.1 The Fury of El Dorado: A Kulve Taroth Siege. It's a quest that everyone in the Gathering Hub work together to do. Complete it to get special "randomised" weapons.

8.2 The Eye of the Storm: Arch-tempered Kushala Daora for Kushala gamma set, and Guild Cross layered armor

8.3 The Heralds of Destruction Cry: Arch-tempered Nergigante for Nergigante gamma armor

Good luck, and happy hunting!
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