Pathfinder Kingmaker shared save files

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Thu Mar 05, 2020 6:21 am

Hi, I am watching Cohh`s full playtrough of Pathfinder Kingmaker and I got the urge to finish the game.
I played along side Cohh when the game came out, but as many others the save got bugged or story / quests got bugged and is stopping me from playing to the end on that save.

So what I wanted to ask is: Is there anyone that knows where i could find shared save game files, or if anyone here could share save files? Or if maybe cohh has shared his game files.
If possible id like to get to start from act 4, but not that picky.

The reason for wanting to start from act 4 is that i remember most of the story and quests upto act 4/5, so would like to save myself 50 ish hours :cohhM:

Any tips / help is very welcome :cohhBoop:
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