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Hi everyone!

Today I wanted to introduce distributed computing projects. The idea is to take large scale projects, turn them into small bites and give a number of computers of different specs a bite to work on. While CPUs are versatile GPUs are even better at helping with math. Why does this matter? It helps fast track a variety of diseases and ailments that exist around the world in order to better understand them and more quickly find viable solutions. For folks interested on this matter in greater detail read here:

For those interested in how to get started a small list of things to keep in mind follows:
Whatever device you intend to attach to a project is potentially running at full throttle; heat and the electricity bill is something I wanted to mention before anyone makes a bonfire at home. :cohhS:
All of these projects can be set to run exclusively while your PC isn't in use to not worsen your user experience at all. Underclocking will also allow it to be more quiet if the PC is in the bedroom.
Another important thing is that all of these projects can be run anonymously without having to register.
-For PC users who wish to leverage their GPU and CPU. [+] Show
Linux, Mac and Windows machines are all supported! However, they need to be to be 32-bit or 64-bit machines.
Folding@home is a program with an exhaustive list of information on it:
It is most notably backed by ATI and Nvidia to this day and has produced a number of medical insights. A general list of collaborators as well as the source of the client and other information can be found here:
-You have an old computer but don't know what to do with it? Don't want stuff running on your main machine? You know what ARM means? [+] Show
This requires your device to be wiped! It by default runs with 100% of provided resources if possible! That being said, it can be run on almost any device, laptop, Raspberry Pi, smartphones. You name it. No serious IT knowledge needed
foldforcovid is an initiative that allows for incredibly simple, step by step setups of old machines., formerly, is a company that helps manage Internet of Things devices in a safe way. This project is directly managed by them and plenty of questions are answered on their website and forums, including all of the necessary steps to boot up a device and how to check what it's doing:
-For people with a smartphone. [+] Show
If you leave your smartphone charging overnight or simply leave it plugged in this project is for you. All you need is a functioning account for the Android Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
This project is managed by vodafone and requires no registration. It simply needs to be downloaded onto your phone and whenever it is done charging it will start working on a project you select. More information available at this link: ... reamlab/uk
Here is some more information and sources to learn what this project has contributed to:
With all of the ones above, you are essentially participating in charity. Hopefully I managed to convince some of you to help out with these projects and help a variety of medical fields around the globe.
Stay happy and healthy everyone! :cohhGG: :cohhL: :cohhD:
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