need help with medical bills

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hey Cohhilition!
im in need of some help with financial issues regarding a incident i was in a few months ago.
i had broken my fingers in an accident. i had my fingers slammed in a door and i fracture all the fingers on my right hand, sadly this is my dominant hand, and that's my mouse hand... so i haven't been able to play any games for a long time even though i do try.
anyways i went to the ER that day and got x-rays, medication and some stiches in my fingers. and was asked to return a month or two later. and thus i did.
i have recently received my medical bills after fighting for insurance to help assist for the medical bills. unfortunately i was not successful and its to late now. therefore i must pay these bills out of my own pockets.
due to covid ive been out of work and all the money i get from unemployment is mostly used for my bills, ive recently started working at a part time job but doesn't pay me enough to support myself and my siblings.
to get to the point they charged my 8 grand for some stitches, and didn't even remove all of them and i have stitches in my fingers im now unable to pull out myself. the hospital i went to is junk and have been dealing with lawsuits and other things, i feel they over charged me for the services they provided me and didnt meet the expectations i had hoped for. and ive even exposed myself to covid patients and ive been stressed for an entire month after worrying over my safety and the saftey of those in my home.

anyways. ive started a go fund me with the details listed there. if anyone has questions please ask or inform me of anyways i could make these bills a little cheaper at least, ive tried a lot of things but all the insurance company's ive spoke to wont back date to the time ive had the incident, so the refuse to cover it. i would really appreciate anything this community has to offer, and i felt coming here would be a good way to help raise some money for these bills, so again id appreciate any help!

the gofundme link is here:

also please dont mind my name, i have a funny clip to show you of cohhs first reaction to my perfect name... amongst some other funny ones that day.
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