Cohhilition Mobile: v1.0.1

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Wed Aug 17, 2022 9:20 am

We released version 1.0.1 of the Mobile App, yesterday (August 16th). Which should be able to everyone on all platforms now!

Thanks to you and your feedback from using the Mobile App and providing feedback on the App we have made a great number of changes and fixes, in this first update!

Notable fixes:
  • A great number of style and design tweaks and fixes. Including the contrast on the main/bottom navigation
  • Improvements and Tweaks to the YouTube/Vodchat sections. YouTube/VodChat is now searchable, there is on going issue with Full Screen but there are buttons to open a video in YouTube itself, we are still working on this issue.
  • Improvements to the Games Played Section, due to poor performance on some phones, we now initially limit the games loaded and provide a search tool, and "find games starting with" similar to Played over on VodChat we will be adding Theme/Genre sorting in a future release.
  • Adjustments to notifications: users were reporting that they were getting notifications for topics they opted out of, this is commonly caused by spam turning things off/on preventing the preference update working correctly, this was solved by just restarting the app (or toggling a topic slowly), we have an explicit "save my preferences" button
You can checkout the full change log over at

Find out more about the mobile app at

Thank you again for your feedback! :cohhCheer:
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